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National S'mores Day is August 10th!

Updated on July 19, 2010

If you have read a few of my different hubs recently, you would know that summer is not my favorite season.

There are however, a few things about summer that make it more tolerable for me. One of these things is s'mores! I have had in infatuation with these delicious creations since I was a kid, and my fondness for them has never gone away into adulthood. Since National S'mores Day is coming up on August 10th, I thought I would write about these tasty toasted snacks as a tribute.

I was with my girlfriend and a few other couples down in Connecticut this weekend. Our friends have a beautiful backyard with a fire pit! I was excited to see not only a bag of marshmallows, but a jumbo bag of marshmallows on the kitchen counter when we first arrived! I had never seen marshmallows so big in my life, and the first thing I thought of was s'mores. (mmm mmm)

My girlfriend, her roommate and myself went to the grocery store that evening to pick up some adult beverages and food for dinner. It wasn't unfortunately until later that I realized I had forgotten the chocolate and graham crackers! It was too late to go to the store as it was now closed, so I paced and cursed for a while, haha. Not having the proper accoutrement for the s'mores mad me sad :)

It was still awesome to be a roast oversize marshmallows over a fire, though.

National S'mores Day has been around for almost 80 years. It is the tradition of getting together around a campfire and building decadent s'mores together! As the years have gone by, many different types of s'mores have emerged! I personally go for the classic chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker combo, but there are many brilliant combinations that have been created over the years!

Adding your various favorite ingredients to the original S'mores adds a bit more fun to these nostalgic treats. Recipe additions include PB&J S'mores, Rocky Road S'mores and Chocolate Banana S'mores. These neo-smores creations are a big hit with Kids and adults all over!

Making s'mores is also a great way to bond around a fire pit. It brings people together while having fun and keeping warm on those cool summer nights! It's a wonderful tradition that I hope you can share with your family and friends not just on August 10, but any day or night you can find the time to get together!

All about S'mores

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S'mores Ice Cream Pie Recipe

  • Active Time:15 Minutes
  • Total Time:4 Hours

Recipe Ingredients

The Crust

12 whole graham crackers
(2 squares each)
5 Tbsp butter, softened
1⁄4 cup sugar

The Filling
2 containers (14 to 16 oz) vanilla–chocolate chip ice cream
11⁄4 cups hot-fudge sauce ice cream topping
2 containers (14 to 16 oz) chocolate–chocolate chip ice cream
1 cup marshmallow cream (such as Marshmallow Fluff or Creme)

Garnish: chocolate pieces

Recipe Preparation

1. Evenly coat a 9-in. pie plate with nonstick spray.

2. Crust:

Pulse crackers in food processor until fine crumbs form. Add butter and sugar; pulse until crumbs are moistened. Press firmly over bottom and up sides of pie plate. Freeze 30 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, place a container of vanilla–chocolate chip ice cream in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to slightly soften. Pack into crust with an ice cream spade or large spoon; spread evenly. Freeze 15 minutes or until firm.

4. Put 2 Tbsp hot-fudge sauce into a small ziptop freezer bag; reserve for top. Put remaining fudge sauce into another small ziptop bag. Snip tip off corner of bag, pipe sauce in an even layer over ice cream and freeze. Slightly soften remaining vanilla–chocolate chip ice cream in refrigerator as above. Pack a second layer of the ice cream over fudge sauce; freeze 30 minutes or until firm.

5. Top pie with medium-size scoops of chocolate–chocolate chip ice cream. Freeze pie at least 2 hours, or wrap airtight and freeze up to 2 weeks.

6. To serve: Place marshmallow cream in a ziptop bag, snip tip off corner of bag and pipe cream around scoops. Snip tip off bag containing fudge sauce and pipe on top. Garnish with chocolate pieces.

Variation: In Step 5, instead of topping whole pie with scoops of chocolate–chocolate chip ice cream, cut pie in serving-size wedges. Heat remaining 2 Tbsp fudge sauce just until thin enough to drizzle. Spread the top of each wedge with about 1⁄3 cup marshmallow cream. Drizzle with fudge sauce. Garnish with chocolate pieces.

Per serving: 549 cal, 6 g pro, 76 g car, 1 g fiber, 24 g fat (13 g sat fat), 91 mg chol, 329 mg sod

Martha Making some Complicated S'mores

Enjoy delicious s'mores indoors with this easy-to-use contraption--no need to wait until summertime camping trips or gathering with friends around a bonfire at the beach. The nostalgia created with these sweet treats can now be savored any time of ye
Enjoy delicious s'mores indoors with this easy-to-use contraption--no need to wait until summertime camping trips or gathering with friends around a bonfire at the beach. The nostalgia created with these sweet treats can now be savored any time of ye

Making S'mores Indoors

Have no fear if you lack the desire or space to have your own fire outside! There are two easy ways to make s'mores inside for any season or occasion! You can either use the microwave or the conventional oven to make these delicious sandwiches.

In the Microwave oven - Simply take one graham cracker, break in half,

*Add two or three blocks of a Hershey's bar (or any kind you like)

*Add a marshmallow on top

*Place the other half of the cracker on top and microwave for 15 seconds!

Bam! You're done!

In The Conventional Oven

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F

Gather the same ingredients

Let the s'mores bake in the oven for about 2 minutes or until the marshmallow is golden and puffed. The chocolate will also be slightly melted.


Girls VS. Boys in Making S'mores

HOW GIRLS MAKE S'MORES -- (1) Break graham cracker in half. (2) Place 4 squares of Hershey bar on graham cracker half. (3) Toast marshmallows golden brown. (4) Place toasted marshmallows on chocolate bars to melt chocolate. (5) Top with other half of graham cracker, and eat gingerly.

(1) Eat Hershey bars. (2) Burn marshmallows black. (3) Eat marshmallows. (4) Throw graham crackers and gooey marshmallow leftovers at girls. (That's how I ate them, anyway)

Did You Know? S'mores are thought to have gotten their name from frequent requests for "some more" whenever they were made.

The S'more is a wonderful Girl Scout tradition that started way back in the 1920's.

The first publication of the "Official S'more Recipe" was in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts of the USA, 1927

Enjoy yourself this summer with a few s'mores

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    • lizmoss71 profile image

      lizmoss71 7 years ago from Orpington, UK

      Thanks for that, I may well give it a try!

    • happyfaktor profile image

      happyfaktor 7 years ago from Boston

      Hi Liz,

      The formula is pretty simple so you can just use your favorite chocolate bar in the UK. Graham crackers are a slightly sweet cookie (even though they are called crackers) and I'm sure can be substituted with a thin crisp cookie found in your country. As long as you have marshmallows, you're all set! I hope you liked this hub.

    • lizmoss71 profile image

      lizmoss71 7 years ago from Orpington, UK

      I wonder if s'mores are something you can make outside the US? I have a feeling they are probably great, but I don't know what Graham Crackers or Hershey bars are. Does anyone know if there are any equivalents available in the UK?