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New Palate Cleanser - New Water Technology

Updated on November 21, 2015

7 Palate Cleansings Options

colorful poster detailing 7 different palate cleansing options
colorful poster detailing 7 different palate cleansing options | Source

Foodies know that cleansing our palate can help provide a clean "palate" for our taste buds. From food connoisseurs to wine connoisseurs to those who simply love food and the many different flavors. Cleansing the palate is setting the stage within your mouth for next course of food. While most have heard the term in wine tasting, food aficionados also understand the importance.

A New Palate Cleanser - Layered Ozonated Water?

Cleansing our palate historically has been sorbet. Traditionally cleansing our palate has been reserved to high end French restaurants or wine tastings - at least here in the United States, but now there is a natural, non-chemical filtered water with state of the art technology, would it make sense to use this water as a palate cleanser? Ozonated water is a completely natural cleanser and ideal for use between different wine tastings and / or different food courses.

Palate Cleanser - Culinary Delight

Sorbet works wonderfully but it is cold I love sorbet and typically fruity. Want a more natural cleanser for your palate? Palate cleansing is used to remove lingering flavors. The theory being that you are better able to fully enjoy the next course. Cleansing the palate is a culinary delight between courses.


Palates of the Human Mouth - Hard and Soft Palates

Diagram of the Human Mouth Detailing Hard and Soft Palates
Diagram of the Human Mouth Detailing Hard and Soft Palates | Source

What is a Palate Cleanser?

A Palate Cleanser is a method to clear our taste buds. It is essentially cleansing the palate of our mouth where there is a large concentration of taste buds. If you are a computer junkie such as me, it is a reset button for your mouth. If you are a writer, it is a complete delete or clearing of content. If you are an accountant, it is the food equivalent of the clear all. It is not just clear, it is clear all. A palate cleanser creates a fresh new canvas if you equate it to artistic terms.

Fun fact: Don't confuse the American term "palate" with "pallet" or "palette" which are completely different.

Why Do We Want a Palate Cleanser?

A palate cleanser is used more than just good tasting food, it can also be a digestive aid. Yes, it stimulates the appetite by allowing the true taste of the foods to shine through. A palate cleanser can also help with preventing digestive problems such as heart burn and indigestion.

Typical Palate Cleanser

palate cleanser - water with lemon
palate cleanser - water with lemon
palate cleanser - celery
palate cleanser - celery
palate cleanser - sorbet
palate cleanser - sorbet

Wine and Cheese Pairing with Palate Cleanser

Palate Cleanser in Wine and Cheese Tastings

This video showcases the palate cleanser is needed for the wine and cheese tasting.

"The brie is served soft and the Chardonnay also acts as a palate cleanser as the balanced acidity brings refreshes your presentation for a 2nd / 3rd taste. Historically Chardonnay is a great pairing with many soft cheeses, be sure to ask your wine consultant for a lighter style if you are going with strong cheese or a stronger style if you are going with light cheese!"

Delicious Mango Sorbet

Palate Cleanser

Digestive System - Helpful Aid?

Palate cleansers are said to be more than just aesthetic and taste alone. Palate cleansers help our digestive system by avoiding heartburn. Additionally, a clean palate helps to stimulating our appetite with the pure taste of fine food.

Avoiding indigestion, refreshing the taste buds, whatever the reason, a multi-course French meal or perhaps any multi-course meal can always use a speed bump to help enjoy the finely prepared culinary delights.

Traditional Palate Cleansers

Traditional palate cleansers have been sorbets. The many flavors of sorbet run from lemon to lime to mint to the beautiful grape shown above. Also here is an interesting combination to try - Apple and Calvados Sorbet.

Apple Brandy - A Digestive

This is delicious - I love Apple Brandy - although I admit I have only tried it once. In Normandy, France, it is stated that locals rely on apple brandy as a digestive because of its "astringent property".

Other Palate Cleansers

Tea, water with a twist, a sprig of parsley or even celery sticks or perhaps a fresh, crisp, tart apple?

Palate Cleansers Objectives

Whatever palate cleanser you choose, remember you are seeking a refreshing flavor with no after taste. It is up to you to choose what is right for you and your friend and family.

7 Possible Palate Cleansers

The universe of possible palate cleansers has now officially been increase to 7 different ones. Any possible palate cleansers that we left out which are your favorites? Perhaps ginger? Picked ginger? Which palate cleanser is traditional to you and what is your favorite?

Palate Cleansing Foods and Water

7 - Twist of citrus with water

6 - Tea - mint, black or green - remember minimal sweetener - you are seeking a neutral aftertaste.

5- Celery sticks

4 - Fresh, crisp tart apples

3 - Sprig of parsley

2 - Sorbet - Lime, Lemon, Grape, Apple

1 - Layered ozonated water

Exploring Different Options for Cleansing Your Palate

Cleansing Your Palate After a Rich Meal Discussion

"Last night we had some glorious mussels and shrimp steamed in wine, butter, garlic, shallots and tarragon. They were terrific but, oh so rich. (I froze the leftover liquid to make a sauce in the future.) It wasn't so much the turkey day full stomach coma syndrome that got to me, instead it was the richness of the dish that produced a lightheaded effect. I often go for a bit of sorbet to cleanse my palate but there wasn't any around. Instead I opted for a leaf of romaine and a couple slices of cucumber sprinkled with kosher salt. It seemed to do the trick. What do you do to cleanse your palate?"

Amuse-Queule | A New Palate Cleanser

The Philospher of Food shared with us a new delight:

"Blumenthal invented an amuse-gueule for his restaurant of vodka, green tea, and lime foam to help guests wash away the taste of toothpaste and cigarettes in order to prepare their palates for the deliberate and delightful tastes to come."

Nimbu Paani | Lime Water Palate Cleanser

Nimbu paani literally means "lime water". For the complete recipe, search: nimbu paani palate cleanser recipe.

More Palate Cleanser Options

Light White Bread or Unsalted Crackers

I read an interesting post in one of the forums that stated for whiskey tastings, they use a light white bread between different varieties of whiskey.

Some have mentioned crackers but crackers must be salt free to leave the palate free of after taste.

Types of Tea or Types of Water

Others have mentioned tea or filtered water. Green tea specifically would be my first choice for a palate cleanser in the tea categories.

Difference Between Ozonated Water and Layered Ozonated Water

Why do I detail "layered ozonated water" rather than just ozonated water? Remember, clean is not sanitized and likewise, something could be sanitized and safe but include other items. I prefer an ozonated water that is also filtered. And my first choice would be a filter that extracts fluoride. I don't need fluoride in my water. Now IF I had young children, I would have a different need.

I want a pure water that is filtered (aka the layered part) and ozonated. I suppose you could also call it filtered ozonated water.

New Palate Cleansing Beverage - An Tasti

New Beverage San Tasti - Palate Cleanser

And just as we thought we had explored all the options for a palate cleanser, a commercial beverage called San Tasti was introduced. It is a beverage crafted specifically for cleansing our palate.


Ozonator Combined with Water Filters and Smart Technology

Point of use food sanitizer and ozonator with smart technology and display lights
Point of use food sanitizer and ozonator with smart technology and display lights | Source

Ozonated Water as a Palate Cleanser

Filtered water is better tasting, ozonated water can actually serve as a palate cleanser. How does this happen? The ozonator is killing germs and sanitizing. A sanitizer such as an ozonator with smart technology such as computer chip and display lights combined with carbon filters can serve as one of the world's most effective palate cleanser. Imagine using Mother Nature's own method of renewing the earth right on our own palate with something that is tasteless and odorless and tastes just like water, because it is the purest water available.

Favorite Palate Cleanser

What is your favorite palate cleanser?

See results

Do You cleanse your palate for

See results

Great Taste and Digestive Help

There are many times in our lives when events and circumstances demand that we are educated in the fine food manner of cleansing our palate. From various tasting events for food and wine to even whiskey, we have learned the essential to great taste is the refreshing of the taste buds in our mouth which are ruled by the soft and hard palate.

Share with us your reasons for cleansing your palate. What is your favorite?

In Appreciation

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© 2010 Kelly Kline Burnett


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    • 4FoodSafety profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      8 years ago from Fontana, WI


      I greatly appreciate your comments. I obviously did not spend very much time on this and never did proof read my work. I do know my grammar, my fingers often just type the most common words. I have corrected my poor typing and added many more items to this hub. I hope you have a chance to stop by and see the many improvements.

      Additionally, I added in the confusing items of pallet (building materials) and palate and palette (artist's tool) which are commonly confused. I often forget our audience here is global and the English language can be very confusing.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Did you read through this after typing it out? IMPROVE YOUR GRAMMAR. It's embarrassing.

    • 4FoodSafety profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      8 years ago from Fontana, WI

      ethel smith,

      Thank you!


      You have a great website - thank you for stopping by.

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      8 years ago from 4312 Woodman Ave Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

      thanks a great hub nice info .

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      Ethel Smith 

      10 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull



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