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New Years Cocktail Drinks Recipes, Cocktail Drink Recipe Ideas For New Year

Updated on July 19, 2017
Cocktail Drink Ideas
Cocktail Drink Ideas

Special cocktail drink recipes for the New Year.

New Year drinks recipes make every party go with a fizz and a bang. New Year is the day when nearly a quarter of all parties held in the world happen.

The best thing for any host to do whilst organising a party is to ensure that there is an abundant supply of cocktails to keep the guests amused and fully loaded.

Recommended Bar Condiments

For a party, a host must always provide a selection of different styles of glasses for alternative drinks. Straws, drinks umbrellas, and sparklers, although not compulsory, make a party more exotic and talked about for months or even years afterwards.

Creating glasses out of coconut shells and pineapples are hard work, but the finished product adds an elegant touch to any event.

Cheap Staff

For spectacular parties, consider employing a cocktail bar person for the evening and a waitress. The waitress will continually collect and clean glasses as well as other duties to make life easier for the host. He or she can always meet the guests, serve drinks via trays and offer canapes. The bar person can dazzle your guests with magical bar work and offering exotic cocktails from around the world.

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Perfect Party Drink Umbrellas

Coctail Drinks Recipes

Midnight Kick


1 shot Pernod, 2 shots Gin, 1 shot dry vermouth, dash of bitter lemon, cracked ice cubes.


Put the ice into a mixing glass, pour all the other ingredients over the ice. Stir well. Strain into serving glass. Add a slice or twist of lemon and a straw to decorate. A slightly severe New Yers cocktail drink recipe idea.

12 o'clock High ( Serious yet refreshing New Year Cocktails )


2 shots Pernod, cider, blackcurrant juice, ice


Put 3 cubes of ice into a tall glass, add two shots of Pernod, add cider till the glass is nearly full, top off with a dash of black currant juice, add two straws.

New Years Resolution


3 shots tequila, 1 measure apple brandy, 1 measure cranberry juice, dash of lime juice.


Put 4 cracked ice cubes into a cocktail shaker, add the other ingredients. Shake until a fog like mist appears and strain into a small chilled cocktail glass. Add umbrella for decoration.

NB* The use of cracked ice cubes in cocktail shakers for cocktail drink ideas allows the liquids to chill faster and is excellent for presentation. Cracked ice cubes are simply ice cubes hit with a blunt object, causing them to crack.

End Is Nigh ( shot drink )


1 shot / measure Baileys Irish Cream, 1 shot / measure white Creme De Menthe


Pour the ingredients over 4 ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a shot glass.

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The Book From Heaven

Midnight Bell


2 shots whiskey, 1 shot sweet vermouth, 1 shot cherry brandy, 1 shot orange juice.


Pour all the ingredients over cracked ice in a cocktail shaker and shake until your wrist is tired. Strain into a cocktail glass. Add two thin straws and a twist of lemon for decoration.

New Years Breakfast ( A strange mixture for New Year cocktail drinks recipes )


1 egg white, 2 shots gin, 1 shot triple sec, 1 dash lemon juice.


Pour the ingredients over cracked ice in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass and serve with umbrella and a thin straw.

Cocktails For Coconut Shells

Midnight Tropics


2 shots white rum ( Bacardi ) 1 shot Malibu, 1 shot Grenadine, 2 shots lime juice.


Pour the ingredients over cracked ice in a cocktail shaker and shake well until a small frost like mist forms. Strain into a coconut shell and decorate with a slice of lime.

Hawaiian Midnight ( excellent New Years Cocktails )


1 shot Malibu, 2 shots pineapple juice, 1 shot blue Curacao, 1 shot white rum.


Pour the ingredients over cracked ice into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Pour into coconut shell and enjoy

New Year Surprise


2 shots white rum, 1 shot triple sec, 2 shots Malibu.


Pour all the contents into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into the coconut shell and top off with cola. Add straws, and cocktail cherries on a stick for decoration.



2 measures clear / white tequila, 1 measure gin, 2 measures pineapple juice, 1 measure white rum, 1 tbs sugar syrup ( recipe for sugar syrup at foot of page )


Keeping the coconut milk inside the coconut, add all the other ingredients with 3 ice cubes. Mix well and squeeze a slice of lime into the mixture then drop it in. Serve with a smile and a straw.

Sugar Syrup Recipe

Put 4 table spoons of water and 4 table spoons of caster sugar into a pan and continually stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil, then leave it boiling for 90 seconds without stirring. Let it cool, then cover and refrigerate. Keeps for up to two weeks.

Please add your own cocktail drinks ideas for New Year below.

The history of the cocktail allegedly began in he USA. The term 'cock tails' originated from the small dregs that were left in the bottom of ale caskets and jugs. This was poured into one container and then sold to the poorer people of the area.

Although the taste was questionable, the alcoholic cocktail drink produced from such a mixture of dregs, certainly had the desire effect.


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