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NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Touch Screen Review

Updated on November 13, 2010

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“The AW-180E NewAir 18 looks really good and is actually quite stylish. It's currently in my kitchen and it matches well. It was easy to set-up. The only thing that needed to be done was the door handle needed to be attached. It's also very spacious as we were able to place 18 different size bottles of red and white wines inside it without any problem.”

“We love this cooler. It works great and is quiet. The temp is accurate. I compared it to a portable digital thermometer and it is right on. It looks great, small and affective.”

"For the price this is a very good wine cooler. It has alot of room for many bottles of wine and it keeps them chilled. Exactly what I wanted."

If you love drinking wine, then you know how important wine storage is. To keep the flavor and the aroma of the wine, you have to store the wine in the proper temperature. If you put the wine in too cold of a temperature, then the wine will lose its flavor. Store the wine in too warm of a temperature and it will age too quickly. That is why people have wine cellars downstairs in the basement. The basement is usually cool around 65 to 70 degrees F. If you have the money, then of course having a wine cellar is the way to go. But for most people, a wine cellar may not be a feasible financial option. Instead of going broke paying for a wine cellar, you could buy a thermoelectric wine cooler for just a tiny fraction of the cost.

One of my favorite wine coolers is the NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler. This wine cooler has many features which I think are great. It allows me to put up to 18 bottles of wine in the cooler. That’s more than enough space for my purpose and probably for most people as well. Also this unit has a touch screen which makes it very easy to control the temperature. Also what really impresses me is the fact that the NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler runs so quietly. The unit boasts technology which doesn’t have many moving parts so it remains quiet.


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      wine cooler 7 years ago

      Store the wine in too warm of a temperature and it will age too quickly.

      wine coolers