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Newly launched foodie platform

Updated on August 11, 2016

Food blogging platform is now open for food bloggers who simply want to post recipes. The website delivers an atmosphere for fostering creativity over technicality.

Online entrepreneurs, Dovile Stankunaite and Evaldas Kiela, have announced the opening of their new website, Niammy, dedicated to food lovers who prefer food blogging about their love of food and cooking than the technical aspects of building a website from scratch.

The Lithuanian natives relocated to Mexico following a 6 year tour of the world working on an array of internet projects. The knowledge they bring to the table has enabled them to create a beautiful, fluid website, where people can quickly and easily interface with the site for immediate recipe sharing.

The couple’s personalized platform makes Niammy an easily accessible interface where foodies can spend more time sharing and cooking than on figuring out the technical aspects of posting. Platform is simple enough for any novice who wants to post their recipes but might be intimidated with building a blog from scratch. Register by entering an email address, your blog name and a password and you are immediately taken to your blog for personalization and immediate recipe upload.

The concept, like the website design, is “creative centric” - connecting home chefs in one place, sharing their love of cooking and favorite creations. Membership is free, and bloggers can follow one another, share recipes and even publish ads, earning money doing what they love.

It is a great tool to start a food blog, document your recipes, share your love of cooking and join a community of like-minded individuals through the exchange of ideas and tips.

Membership on website is effortless, fun, and you will become a better cook - all for no monthly fees or obligation of any kind.


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