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Night Club & Police - No light - No Power - Can't sit in my Club.Free Country.Dance on the Road.

Updated on June 2, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Peacocks Dance.

Night Clubs in Bangalore.


How many night clubs are located in Bangalore.? no one is bothered about this number or the night clubs what they, the Police or Politicians are worried is about the botheration that these bars or night clubs is the politicians bars or night clubs friends will not allow them because the present night cubs will lose many customers as new bars and night clubs will attract new customers who will switch over from their old joints and the old bars and night clubs will or may result in heavy loses and will have to close down.Police will find it difficult to monitor more clubs and will have tough time at nights.If the Night Clubs are allowed to function after 11:00 PM the police will also have to work more hours with fewer people since no police station is having the sanctioned strength.

The logic that increasing keeping open Bars and Night Clubs will make the people indulge in unwanted illegal activities is not true as otherwise also all activities keep happening with out the licence or permission next to police stations in some places.Keeping any restaurant or Bar is not the prerogative of law makers or law keepers.if we are a free country why are we not free in doing a service to people who like to sit in a bar and spend a night with friends at least on week ends due to tension and stress of present day work.There are out station buses coming after 11:PM when travelers have to eat rotten food sold on footpaths.Many Hotels lock up their hotels as they fear goons entering their place and going away with out paying their Bills.No police will come to help let alone pick up the phone.

A new police officer in charge of our locality came to our apartment coplex and was advising as to how we should behave in taking our morning walks and what care we need to take.He said his police would come to our rescue in 4 minutes flat.Immediately I took out my Cell phone and wanted to know his police station number he gave me the number which was ringing for several minutes and the man who answered was very impolite which the Police Officer heard over my speaker phone and was sorry it had happenedd and he would look to it.

If Law keepers cant keep law what can we do.There are places in remote villages where there is no police and no illegal activity.

How long they operate after the Red Line 12.00 MN.

Why can't a TV channel show it.?

Why do they show intrusive news of politicians fighting in Parliament on TV.

Why cant we get a show that helps people who visit Bangalore.?

Do the Hotel Owners make any violation.?

Do money brings law under the carpet.?

To day we can dance but not in public.

How do we do it.

Private dance clubs in every street corner.

Every other house has a girl learning dance.

What type of dance they learn.

Oh there are many.


Address : THE Royal Orchid
1 Golf Avenue, Adjoining KGA Golf Course, Airport Road Bangalore
Contact No : 25205566


Address : 80/1, Shringar Complex
M.G Road
MG Road, Bangalore, MG Road, Bangalore
Contact No : 9740998927

Quick Facts

Price Cheap Average Meal for 2 Rs. 750/- Meal Type Buffet,Lunch,Dinner Cuisines Multi-cuisine Days MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT Timings 7:00PM - 11:00PM

A night Club.[ Needs to be investigated.]

One more.

Another yet.

Many more.

Is this Dance.

We shall Drink & Dance like this not in Bar but on road sides.

Lets Dance like this with our dress in Parks.


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