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Nikolas II Rye Bread review - a good tasting rye bread from David's Bread Inc

Updated on June 4, 2010

Nikolas II Bread review

Nikolas (or Nickolas) II Bread is another black rye bread from David's Bread
Nikolas (or Nickolas) II Bread is another black rye bread from David's Bread

Nikolas II rye bread

Nikolas dark rye bread closeup. This bread is produced by David's Bread Inc
Nikolas dark rye bread closeup. This bread is produced by David's Bread Inc
Back side of the bread slices
Back side of the bread slices
Nikolas II rye bread packaging
Nikolas II rye bread packaging
Nutritional facts for Nicholas II bread
Nutritional facts for Nicholas II bread

Nikolas II is a typical Russian dark rye bread. Nicholas II was the last Russian emperor and his death signaled meant the end of the 300 year old Russian empire. While the "dark breads" have often been thought of as peasant food, the image of this Russian Tzar makes you think otherwise. This bread is not sold in most stores, although some farmer's markets and small delis around New York City have it in stock occasionally. This is because the bread is baked in the USA by David's Bread Inc. and then sold through wholesale distribution channels and online. I'm a big fan of rye and have been eating this bread on and off for years. It is very hard to find though.

Ordering. I placed an order for 5 types of black rye breads online with an intention to review them. I placed an order on Friday just before the memorial day weekend and the package was delivered on Wednesday. This is not bad, considering that these breads have a shelf life of about a week. This loaf arrived with others packed pretty nicely and was still fresh and soft without any signs of mold.

Appearance. This Nicholas dark rye bread comes in a brick like package with a green and orange label. Inside the package are about 16 slices. Each one measures 4.5"x3"x0.5". The bread is brownish all around. The package is mostly in English with the words Nicholas and "black" also spelled in Russian. The nutritional facts are pretty standard and a food pyramid is shown, recommending 6-11 servings of bread,cereals rice and pasta per day. The bread is plain, and is remarkably similar to Orlowsky bread in appearance.

Smell. This bread has a slightly bitter smell or rye, nothing to think of. When toasted it smells delicious.

Taste. Nikolas II is a standard Russian bread, it does not have many spices added and has less sugar than its cousin, the Orlowsky bread. The bread has rich taste and some spice that makes it taste different from Orlowsky bread. When toasted, the thick crust becomes crunchy while the inside softens and the bread tastes a lot better than when cold.

Uses. This bread is intended to be eaten with a variety of dishes and complements their flavor nicely. Due to rich taste, this bread can be eaten by itself, plain as a snack, but it also tastes good on sandwiches.

Nutritional Facts. Each slice of the bread is 110 calories, with only 0.5g of fat and 3 grams each of dietary fiber,1 gram of sugar and 4 grams of protein protein. The rest of the calories come from carbohydrates. The entire 18 slice loaf is over 1700 calories. The nutritional facts are very similar to other rye breads, like Borodinsky bread which have 130 calories. Looking at the nutritional facts, I'm not really sure why this bread has 20 calories less than others.

Value. This loaf cost me 3.5$, for 1700 calories and good taste. Given the choice, I would still prefer Borodinsky, because once you step up in flavor, it's difficult to go back.


The ordering experience has been a good one with no hassle. I used to get this bread at a local farmers market for a while. Rye breads are susceptible to mold and this was often the case at the farmers market. I'm glad the online order did not have that issue. With good planning it should be possible to get this bread to arrive quickly, especially if you avoid ordering over the weekend

The UPC of this bread is 7 01010 42599 8


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