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Nine Facts About the Health Properties of Garlic

Updated on June 28, 2011

Garlic makes your food taste good! It’s not just for good health that garlic is a staple ingredient in many indigenous cuisines from around the world. It’s pungent combination of sulphurous compounds mellows on cooking to a delicious and enticing flavor that blends well with many other herb and spice combinations from Asian to European, and enhances the taste of many different savory foods.

Garlic is being extensively researched in relation to cancer treatment, especially oesophagal, breast, stomach, prostate and bladder cancer. Garlic compounds calledajoenes appear to have specific inhibiting effects on certain kinds of tumour cells, slowing their formation and growth

Garlic boosts the immune system – if you feel a cold coming on, eat some garlic, preferably raw! Raw garlic is hard to digest but can work wonders in small quantities too. It protects our natural antioxidant levels and helps not only to cure infection but to fight it off in the first place.

Garlic assists fat loss, and helps inhibit fat regain. Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Body recommended its inclusion in the PAGG stack supplement for this reason, to help adherents of the Slow Carb diet maximise their body recomposition efforts and achieve a lean good health.

Garlic protects your heart, lowering dangerous low-density cholesterol levels, and the build-up of dangerous arterial plaques. Populations where garlic is a traditional part of the diet show lower levels of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis

Garlic helps lower blood pressure, by naturally preventing clotting and thinning the blood. Traditional Chinese medicine has been using garlic to treat high blood pressure and symptoms of angina for centuries.

Garlic is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. In these days of clinical antibiotic overuse, it’s good to know there is a natural ingredient the worst staphylococcus bacteria are not resistant too – and because it works naturally using a complex combination of molecules and biological pathways that are never the same, resistance cannot develop.

Garlic also helps weight loss by suppressing the appetite – particularly, it increases the brain’s sensitivity to leptin, which creates feelings of satiety and not needing to eat so much. Another great reason for weight loss seekers to enjoy garlic!

Garlic keeps vampires away! Well, this is not so scientific, as the fact that it can keep your fellow humans away, if you have garlic on your breath and they do not (if you both do, your smell receptors do not pick it up at all). To get the health benefits of garlic without the garlic breath, use an aged garlic extract, such as that contained in Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG stack supplement – for all the benefit, without the garlic breath.


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    • StarCreate profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spain

      re cooking, I am not certain - there are components of garlic such as s-ally cystein that may be lessened by cooking, but other elements (including precursors of s-allyl cystein) become more bioavailable if cooked. For a cold, see if you can face a little raw garlic, as that is definitely best for immune boosting, otherwise you can use it far more liberally in cooked form as it's less offensive to taste and digestion!

    • StarCreate profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spain

      Thank you everyone!

    • justmesuzanne profile image


      7 years ago from Texas

      Yes, garlic is wonderful stuff! I use it in most non-sweet dishes. Voted up and useful! :)

    • ThelmaC profile image

      Thelma Raker Coffone 

      7 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

      Interesting article. Thanks for sharing!

    • angeladale2 profile image

      Angela Dale 

      7 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Thanks for the info I did not know alot of this about garlic.

    • d_annnielle profile image


      7 years ago

      Great article!


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