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No Canning Lazy Man's Raspberry Jam. 2 Ingredients and So So Good.

Updated on July 24, 2009

There is just something so satisfying about a little daily harvest of raspberries. Waking up each morning ready to pluck off the day's ripe berries makes me feel more than a little down-home country in the middle of my suburban plot, and those tiny hard to fill a bowl berries are tart and sweet and good.

But after a while, I've had enough of berries and cereal, berries and yogurt or berries and ice cream, and I just can't keep up with those end of July yields any longer. Those little guys are too precious to waste, but after 30 straight breakfasts involving raspberries, it's hard to get excited about that 31st.

When raspberries start to turn on me, I know that it's time to make me a little jam.

Easy Raspberry Jam

Luckily, I was taught a great way to preserve that bounty, and it's so easy you won't spend more than a few minutes in the making of your very own, homemade raspberry jam.

And there is nothing better than cracking open a new tub of homemade raspberry jam on a cold dark January morning, and make no mistake, homemade raspberry jam is where it's at. But I just can't be bothered with all the boiling and the sterilizing and the scary scary botulism associated with regular canning and jamming, and so the way I make jam is the lazy man's way.

It's very easy, it only takes a few minutes of active work and if you've got berries and sugar - you've got everything you need to make jam.

So here it is.

Lazy but oh-so-tasty, Homemade Raspberry Jam

  1. Any amount of raspberries.
  2. Half as much sugar
  3. That's it

Seriously, there are only 2 ingredients involved and that is what makes it so easy but also so good - you just can't get more purely raspberry-ee than this.

It doesn't matter how many raspberries you have, just measure them out, and then mix them in a heavy saucepan with half as much sugar. So if you had 2 pints of raspberries, you would mix in 1 pint of sugar. Pretty tough, eh!?!

So, mix the berries and the sugar together in your heavy pan, and bring the mixture to a boil over medium high heat. As soon as it reaches this vigorous boil, turn the heat right down to low, and just let it simmer real slowly for about an hour.

It's done when it looks about as thick as you'd want it, but 50 minutes or an hour on very low and slow always work for me.

And it's very good.

Let it cool a touch and then pack away in Tupperware or jars or whatever and pop in the freezer until needed.

And that is all, and it just couldn't get any easier or any better than that.


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