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No cooking- slice, nibbles

Updated on June 15, 2009
Nearly missed out on a picture got this just before eating last ones
Nearly missed out on a picture got this just before eating last ones


There is nothing worse than wanting something nice to eat and you know you cannot cook anything because you have no immediate access to an oven.  Well here are a couple of recipes that I have tried while on my trip around Australia while camping out on free camp sites in a caravan with no electricity.


Rice Bubble and Date slice




4 cups of Rice Bubbles

125 gm Butter

125 gm Sugar

125 gm Dates





Cut dates (no seeds) into several pieces. This makes it easier to slice later. Place butter, sugar and dates into saucepan and melt butter slowly.  Add Rice Bubbles into the mixture while still boiling.  Remove from stove and cool, but before it gets cold press mixture firmly into a flat dish and sprinkle with coconut.  When its cold cut into fingers or squares to the size of your choice. 



Apricot and Coconut balls




1-1/2 cups coconut

1-1/2cups minced or diced dried apricots

½ can sweet condensed milk

Shredded coconut




Combine the diced apricots and coconut thoroughly with a fork. Add the condensed milk and mix well. Chill in fridge for a while. Shape into small balls and roll in shredded coconut.  Place on greaseproof paper covered trays and allow to chill in fridge until firm.  Place in airtight containers and store in the fridge.


This one is quick and simple

Rice Bubble slice


3 cups Rice Bubbles

90 gm Butter

3x 65 gm chopped Mars Bars




Melt the butter and chopped Mars bars in a large saucepan, not letting it boil.  Stir in the Rice bubbles quickly into a tray and press firmly before it gets cool.  Cut into squares and store in airtight container and place in fridge.


Coconut Roughs (This one is sweet)



¾ cup coconut

2 tbls cocoa

240 gm copha

3 cups cornflakes

2 heaped cups icing sugar



Crush the cornflakes. Melt the copha and add all ingredients.  Mix well and place in small teaspoon heaps onto greased paper until set. (or press onto tray and cut in squares)  You can  vary this by adding chopped nuts, cherries or mixed fruit.


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      Georgia 5 years ago

      The rice bubble things sound ok!they r soo simple