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Bread is the base of life

Updated on February 22, 2018


 Noni the Tajik bread 
"Bread is the base of life" 
"Collecting peaces of Noni I take them close to my eyes,
   Hot Noni I take close to my eyes"....
                                    Mirzo Tursun-zade (Tajik poet)
I can still remember the smell and taste of lepeshki (Russian) in 
Dushanbe and buying this fresh Tajik bread for 10 kopeks (or 20 
for the fancy one, with sesame seeds). I couldn't wait to come 
back to the apartment start taking pieces from a side. At home, 
 butter, hot lepeshki disappeared very fast. 
Boulder, Colorado is a sister-town of Dushanbe. Several years ago 
a Chaihona (Tea house) was built there by Tajik artisans. Aside 
from tea, the Chaihona also offers different types of Noni - Tajik 
bread. Beautiful and tasty Noni can also be found in Brooklyn, NY, 
where it is made by immigrants from Central Asia. It is beautiful 
because it is decorated with different patterns, especially when 
made for weddings (Noni "Tooena"). 
If I had to describe the shape of Noni, I would use word circle , 
sun or sunflower. It really warms you up and makes you happy, just 
like the sun.  Noni -Tooena is also decorated as a solar system 
with small planets.  Circle is the symbol of unity, of the 
absolute and of perfection. It's also a symbol of heaven, in close 
association with the symbolic significance of the Wheel. Sunflower 
is a symbol of the sun and of nobility. 
In Tajik cuisine, bread or Noni, is an important part of everyday 
menu. Sometimes it could be a meal itself, with beverages like 
tea, milk, or Sheer Choi (combination tea with milk). In the 
summer, Noni is often served with watermelon and other fruits as a 
 snack, or even lunch. Wheat, barley and recently cornflower are 
used to make Noni in Tajikistan. Bread can be sour (Noni-hamir) or 
regular ( Noni-fatir). Noni has an invariable round shape, but can 
vary in size or thickness. Sometimes it is baked in the oven 
call "tanduro" (sticking to the sides of the oven). Sourdough Noni 
is made in a Wok (no oil) -"koturma" or on a hot stone oven -
 "tobasangi". Other bread -"kumor" can be made from sourdough on 
milk and egg on ash inside the oven, and is a thick Noni.
Most types of Noni-Fatir are made from wheat flower. The dough is 
usually prepared on water with salt, but sometimes the bakers may 
use milk with butter instead. In the different places bakers can 
add Gee (Indian clarified butter), scallion, egg, almond,
 sesame seeds, squash, sugar, herbs, fry lamb fat to the dough.
Vahob Khodjaev (Lepeshki. Tadjikskaya kuhnya, "Irfon", Dushanbe, 
1989) introduces readers to the different types of Tajik Noni: 
Noni-kuturma; Arazani; Koturma Pieozi (with onion); Noni 
chafelakva shireshak - with "grass"; Noni kartoshka (with 
potatoes - kartoshka, Russian word for potato), Noni Bodomi - 
almond; Noni Jazanok- peaces of fry lamb fat. The booklet includes 
recipes for some types of Noni.
The various types of bread are a part of Tajik history and the 
history of human kind. Some Noni are close to the bread in Central 
Asian region, India -Gardacha, or Chapatti (thin), Non Gusht (with 
meat) reminds a Pizza, Noni Zagora (cornflower) as a tortiias.

         "Collecting peaces of Noni I take them close to my eyes,
   Hot Noni I take close to my eyes"....
                                    Mirzo Tursun-zade (Tajik poet)




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