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Not Just For Kids, The Co-operative Milk Chocolate Buttons: Confectionery Product Review

Updated on October 2, 2012

Chocolate, chocolate, magical, wonderful chocolate! If you’re a chocolate addict – and really, who isn’t – then you’re more than likely familiar with it in almost all of its forms. Bars, truffles, melted, icing, cake, cookies – there are very few wrong ways to enjoy chocolate! (Unless you ask your dentist, perhaps. Don't ask your dentist. She's a killjoy.)

One of the most nostalgia inducing formats for the production of chocolate surely has to be the chocolate button, shallow convex round discs of chocolate – button-shaped! Easy for little fingers to grab out of packets, snacky and delicious, they’re hard to leave alone once you start scoffing! Cadbury’s is surely the most famous brand, but most supermarkets have their own generic version of chocolate buttons, whether milk, white or occasionally even dark chocolate. (A big favourite with kids is the version, usually white chocolate, which comes coated in multi-coloured sprinkles. Yum!)


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You might argue for chocolate buttons as the dieter’s alternative to a full-sized chocolate bar, and as a relatively salubrious indulgence while making the attempt to count the calories and maintain a healthy and trim figure. This would be all very well if only it were easier to stop at just one or two, or even five or six buttons at any one time! However, if you are at all capable of doing this, then I have to take my hat off to you. You may be the only person who is: the rest of us have somewhat more realistic expectations.

What about the Co-operative brand of Milk Chocolate Buttons? The Co-operative is a famous and venerable institution in the United Kingdom. The ‘Co-op’ is a collection of businesses including a retail arm, a travel business, a funeral service and a bank. (It is, of course, the retail arm that sells the chocolate!) The Co-op is known, at least in recent years, as a somewhat 'ethical' kind of retailer. Their chocolate buttons are a nommy treat that are ideal as a treat for your favourite little person – or even a not so little person. Or even yourself! Co-op confectionery is handily labelled with information suitable for those of a vegan or vegetarian persuasion – not something that can be said of every high street retailer. Their chocolate buttons are also handily included in a current '3 for £1' offer, making a sweet, delicious snack at least somewhat justifiable in terms of your budget. Are you looking for a delicious sugar fix, or in a hurry for a quick snack? Co-operative Milk Chocolate Buttons might just hit the spot!


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