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Nutella, Born of War, Culinary Delight in Peace

Updated on April 25, 2019

Quick And Easy Satisfying Snack

There are times in life when you need a snack. You may have had a bad day and you need some comfort food, or you've been living healthy and simply want a treat. Enter the Nutella sandwich. Quick and easy to make, a real treat when you need it most.

A Spread With An Interesting History

During the 1940s, an early version of the popular spread was conceived in the Italian town of Piedmont by Pietro Ferrero. Due to the short supply on cocoa beans because of World War 2 rationing, Pietro was looking for a way to cut the cost of producing chocolaty treats, so he used 50% chocolate and 50% almond and/or hazelnut paste. Hazelnuts were plentiful in the region of Piedmont.

It became known as Nutella only in 1963 when Pietro's son Michele reformulated the original recipie and marketed the spread across europe. It was an instant success, and it enjoys great popularity throughout the world. It is delicious on it's own (really, on it's own, like off of a spoon) or on a sandwich with cut-up bananas or on a crepe. It can be part of a healthy nutritious breakfast as it contains hazelnuts and has many nutrients or it can also be part of an unhealthy diet when overdone, as many people often do...

The Ultimate Nutella Experience, You'll Need:

  • 2 slices of white brad
  • A big scoop of Nutella
  • A glass of milk

Cook Time

Prep time: 2 min
Ready in: 2 min
Yields: 1 Sandwich


  1. Open your bag of bread, squeeze the bread gently, feel it slowly puff back to shape, smell the bread, mmmm.... good white bread. Fluffy, dreamy, soft white bread. Remove two slices from the bag, place them on your plate.
  2. Dig it into that lovely jar of dark hazel-nutty goodness with your butter-knife. Pull out an obscene amount of Nutella and drop it on the bread, spread the Nutella gently, bing careful not to flatten the bread's fluffiness, cover it with the second piece of bread and let it sit.
  3. While your wonderful sandwich is sitting there you pour yourself a nice, cold glass of milk (you will need this when the sandwich is done).
  4. That's it, enjoy your creation, wash it down with some milk, and you're good to go!

How Do You Like It?

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