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Nutrition Class: Recipes for Three Meals a Day for Children 3-5 Years Old

Updated on May 26, 2020

Care for your children

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Miao Ma's broken thoughts: For growing children, what kind of three meals a day can meet the nutritional needs of the day? Many mothers may be concerned; today I will share with you a meal plan, derived from "Dietary Guide for Chinese Residents 2016"; I hope this recipe will give you some guiding significance. On this basis, everyone can learn to match flexibly.

1. Cereals:

Recommended intake: 100g of cereals and 25g of potatoes; Important advice: it is best to choose one-third of whole grains and beans food, pay attention to cooking methods.

2. Vegetables and fruits:

3. Fish eggs and lean meat

Recommended intake: 250g vegetables, 150g fruits; Important advice: choose a variety of fresh vegetables, dark vegetables should account for more than half, and eat fruits every day.

Recommended intake: 25g for poultry meat, 20g for aquatic products, 30g for eggs; Important advice: prefer to choose fish and poultry, eat lean meat and eggs, don't discard the yolk.

4. Dairy products, soybeans, nut.

Recommended intake, 15g soybeans, 5g nuts, 500g dairy products; Important advice: Eat dairy products every day, including liquid milk, yogurt and cheese; eat soy products frequently, such as tofu and dried tofu.

5. Edible oil and salt 

Recommended intake: cooking 20g, salt 5g; Important advice: cultivate light eating habits, eat less Gaoyan and fried foods.


  1. Cultivate light eating habits.  
  2. Drink about 1000ml of drinking water every day, boiled water; (Note: Chinese residents' dietary guidelines are marked with 1000-1500ml).
  3. Eating and balancing: Encourage outdoor sports or swimming, it is best to do 60 minutes of activities every day; for example, walking, cycling, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, hide and seek, dancing, slide, etc.

Children cannot lose weight by simple and rough diet.

"Reasonable diet advocates three reductions, good habits promote three health's." The so-called three reductions, that is, reduce salt, oil and sugar; Sanjian refers to a healthy weight, healthy bones and a healthy mouth.

Wei Dong, the attending physician of the Department of Nutrition at the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, believes that reducing oil, salt and sugar are the main components of a reasonable diet and a light diet, and developing good eating habits from an early age can reduce the risk of future illness. For example, eating too much salt will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and excessive fat intake is one of the risk factors for diseases such as hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease. Sweet food and sweet snacks not only cause obesity and dental caries, but also reduce the intake of other healthy foods, resulting in an uneven diet and aggravating the risk of chronic diseases. The bone health of adolescents will determine the degree of osteoporosis in the future, and having an appropriate weight can also reduce the risk of obesity in adulthood.

In Wei's view, "three minus" and "three health" are complementary to each other. Parents can pay attention to the following matters to help children develop good living habits and healthy physique:

  1. Reasonable diet, diversified food, based on high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates, intake of a balanced diet with low energy, low fat, low sugar, and low salt. Pay attention to the intake of milk, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. Reduce the intake frequency of sugary snacks (such as preserves, pastries, jams, chocolate, ice cream, etc.) and beverages; reduce the consumption of sugary dishes such as sweet and sour pork ribs, fish-flavored shredded pork, and shredded sweet potatoes when eating out.
  3. Eat less or no fried food, eat less or no pickles, pickles and cooked meat products, such as salted eggs, ham, canned fish, dried beef, etc. Don't make rice with vegetable soup.
  4. Supervise children under the age of 6 to brush their teeth and help them develop a good habit of brushing their teeth every morning and evening; rinse their mouth with water after meals, and no longer eat after brushing their teeth.
  5. Accumulate no less than 60 minutes of physical activity every day, and it is best to have at least 20 minutes of outdoor exercise under the sun. To reduce the time of meditation, the screen time should not exceed 2 hours per day, and the less the better.
  6. At least three high-intensity physical activities per week, such as long-distance running, swimming, basketball, etc. Resistance exercise and bone-enhancing exercise, such as standing up, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc.

For the problem of weight loss during the student period, Wei Gong reminded parents that when the child is in a long body, simple and rough dieting may have a certain effect in a short time, but it will definitely affect the child's overall nutrition intake in the long run. Entered. "For children who are overweight, start with reducing snacks, reducing salt, sugar, and oil, reducing the intake of fried foods, sugary drinks and fast food, and cooked meat. Use fresh vegetables, fruits and Instead of steaming and cooking lean meat or eggs, this will not only reduce energy intake, but also ensure the child’s intake of essential nutrients. At the same time, with reasonable and regular exercise, you can achieve the purpose of ensuring a healthy weight."


The meal plan is designed according to the energy level of 1200-1300kcal. This capacity requirement level is generally suitable for girls 3-5 years old and boys 3-4 years old; the dietary dietary protein and fat provide energy about 18% and 30% respectively; For a specific individual child, the energy requirement level is only an estimate. You need to understand the child’s current weight and monitor the change in weight gain to determine the need to adjust the energy intake of carnivorous.

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