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Nutritional Value of Yogurt – Longevity

Updated on August 21, 2011

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Yogurt has many health benefits, such as improving immune system function, anti-aging, preventing cancer and many other diseases. The main ingredient of yogurt is fresh milk, condensed milk, milk powder, skim milk or soy milk, adding a certain amount of sugar and bacteria. After sterilization in a certain temperature, the milk is fermented to become yogurt.

Why does yogurt, after fermentation, have more nutritional value than milk? Why is yogurt helpful in longevity and anti-aging effects? Yogurt, after fermentation, contains large amounts of lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria can, in the metabolic process, convert more than 50% of the hardly digested lactose into lactic acid and various organic acids, ethanol etc. These substances not only have the mellow, fresh and unique flavor of the yogurt, but they also make yogurt easier to digest and absorb than milk. In addition, the nutritional value of fermented yogurt increases greatly. Studies have shown that, after fermentation, the decomposition of milk protein has increased from 2% to 6%, and the number of essential amino acids contained in yogurt also increases. Some mineral elements, such as iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, folic acid and other content is greatly increased compared with before fermentation. Yogurt also contains certain enzymes, antibiotic substances. These substances not only improve the nutritional value of yogurt, but also inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria in the intestine, and help to keep a balance between good and bad bacteria.

Scientific studies have confirmed that although many factors can cause aging in human, high concentration of malignant bacteria in the intestine is one of the most important factors leading to aging. The microbial activity of these bad bacteria can produce in the intestine, during their metabolic process, many toxins, such as ammonia, phenols, hydrogen sulfide, etc.. These toxins, once enter into the blood, will harm the heart, liver, kidney, brain and other organs and their cells, leading to premature senescence of these organs. Meanwhile, the nerve tissue will prematurely aging, the aging of human skin also has a close relationship of these toxins.

Eating yogurt regularly helps to reduce the PH value of body fluids, making an acid environment in the intestine. This acidic environment inhibits and destroys the metabolism of intestinal bacteria, protects people from toxin and plays an important role in longevity. In the early 20th century, Biologist had found that yogurt is a very good food for human longevity, they noted the constant drinking of yoghurt in the Balkans countries, especially Bulgaria, helped the elderly live longer than in other areas. There were about 1500 centenarians out of one million people in the Balkans, compared with 9 out of one million in Central and Western Europe.

Activity of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt during the fermentation process also produces a substance with anti-cholesterol activity effects. This substance can reduce the blood cholesterol level and prevent atherosclerosis. Therefore, the consumption of yogurt not only increases the nutrition, but also has the benefits of anti-cancer, lowering blood cholesterol levels, anti-aging and prolonging life. Yogurt is an ideal nutritional food for elderly people.


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