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Nutritional Values of Buckwheat and Rutin: Useful To Cure Piles and Hemorrhoids?

Updated on November 14, 2015

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Do you suffer from haemorrhoids?

This is an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing condition, affecting the bloodvessels within the rectum and anus such that they form a type of varicose vein. Damage to these bloodvessels due to pressure on the vessel walls can result in hemorrhoids. These can remain within the rectum (internal hemorrhoids), or damaged bloodvessels may protrude outside the anus as a result (i.e. external hemorrhoids). Risk factors include constipation, age and pregnancy.

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Curing Piles: Natural Treatments For Hemorrhoids

Are there any natural treatments which can help in the treatment and prevention of piles? Many herbalists and nutritionists have long recommended the ingestion of doses of bioflavonoids. These are plant substances which, while not qualifying as vitamins in terms of being essential to health, may often be found to perform useful functions within the body. Bioflavonoids benefits may include the control and damping down of the harmful activities of reactive oxygen species. (ROS are charged molecules which can cause damage and inflammation within the body).

What Are Bioflavonoids & Can They Cure Hemorrhoids?

There are a number of different bioflavonoids contained within many different foods, often accompanying vitamin C: these foods include citrus fruits, blackcurrants and other berries, onions (providing quercetin) and buckwheat (providing rutin). Rutin is often recommended as being good for bloodvessel integrity.

Can Bioflavonoids Relieve Hemorrhoids?

Is there any evidence that bioflavonoids are useful in the treatment of haemorrhoids? At least one study has suggested that this might be the case: in a study by Vertuni et al, a formulation of a number of different bioflavonoids and other biologically active plant substances was found to have some interesting results. This was a double-blind controlled study (I.e. the best, most carefully objective kind), although to be fair it was run by a manufacturer of a synergistically active mixture of plant chemicals intended to treat varicose veins and hemorrhoids.[3]

How do you go about getting a daily dose of rutin? There are many different ways you can eat or supplement with buckwheat and rutin. Buckwheat is available as a whole grain, either raw buckwheat or roasted buckwheat, as a flour, often as a breakfast cereal (kasha), in pancakes, as buckwheat tea and in supplement form. You can even get buckwheat pasta! Rutin and bioflavonoid supplements are readily available from retailers such as Amazon. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, why not go order yourself some today?


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