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Obama drinking contaminated water in the city to reassure the people

Updated on May 5, 2016

During a visit to the city of Flint, Michigan, US President Barack Obama had been drinking water from municipal water sources to reassure people about the pollution in the area.

4/5 days to Flint, President Obama discussed with local officials and federal addressing water pollution crisis living in the area.

Through actions drinking glasses of water during a press conference at the Center for Crisis Response Water Flint, President Obama wants to assert his government will do everything to water becomes safer, the AP reported.

"In general, I will not perform the action adventure and you here too. My work has a scientific basis and help in Flint insists that enough water is safe to drink " , the White House said.

Between January, President Barack Obama was forced to proclaim a state of emergency in Flint because of water pollution.

During a tour of the city took place, President Obama, Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and dozens of other officials attended the press conference, where Obama confirmed safe water and filtration equipment has been prepared for all city residents.

However, the White House does not deny many "questioned" about the safety of the water.Besides, he also urge the families take their children to the doctor a checkup because of the risk of lead exposure.

US President also acknowledged the repair and replacement of plumbing systems in Flint can take more than 2 years and ask people to open the faucet for 5 minutes a day to help clean up the system.

"We went through a crisis and turn it into an opportunity to rebuild a better Flint than before,"Obama said.


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