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Office Problems Solved by a Coffee Brewer

Updated on January 7, 2010

Through the course of your working life, you’ve encountered a multitude of office problems. You know, the ones that throw a little kink into your daily routine. So you’re probably very aware that while some problems are worse than others and some are easily managed. But, of course, these things you already know. After all you’re a most experienced and venerated member of the running-the-hamster-wheel brigade. But with all your cubicle experience, you’ve probably never realized that many office problems are easily solved by something so simple as a genetically enhanced coffee brewer. Ahem, did I say genetically enhanced? What I mean, is a coffee brewer that’s far superior to anything you’ve ever seen in your dog-gone office days.

The degree to which a Keurig coffee brewer helps assuage those little office problems is absolutely amazing. Ready for the run down?

Ever have a coffee machine that makes too much noise? With the sputtering, the wheezing and the spitting? Some office coffee machines are absolutely deplorable. And by deplorable, I mean, downright useless. Because after all, how can anyone concentrate when a coffee machine is continuously convicting and condensing so much that’s it’s practicality conjuring its own microscopic weather system in the office kitchenette. Well, believe it or not, the Keurig coffee brewer is quite the opposite. The surprisingly low levels of audible disturbance is bound to make anyone’s jaw drop.

Ever have a coffee machine that required too much clean up? There’s always the awkward discussion of who has to clean up the mess. Or even worse, there are those vilifying behind-the-back whispers of who split the coffee or left his mug unwashed. Well, the Keurig gives you the freedom to forgo the cleaning responsibilities discussion. Or better yet, you get to save your extra bucks for not having to hire some extra office cleaning help.

Ever have a coffee machine that just didn’t produce the right cup of coffee for everyone? The result of this, my cubicle friends, is an ugly caffeinated aftermath. Multiple pots askew, placed in all these nonsensical places (i.e. the cupboard because there wasn’t enough room anywhere else), coffee dripping, mushy coffee grind splatters. We’re talking gruesome. Well instead of having to deal with all this coffee madness multiplied times one hundred gazillion all because one person wanted caffeinated, while others wanted decaf, and others still wanted some kind of seasonal specialty blend, you can simply get a Keurig brewer allows everyone to drink whatever and whenever to their hearts content. Regular roast, dark roast, pumpkin flavor, mocha-choco-latta-ya-ya Creole Lady Marmalade. Anything you want, Keurig brewer let’s you have it—one fresh cup at a time with Keurig K-Cups.

Ever have a coffee machine that created lingering coffee odors? While nothing beats the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of Joe in the morning, nothing is worse than the stench of stale coffee. In the second half of your work day, when you’re trying to beat the after-lunch lull, there’s nothing more haunting, I’m telling you, than the distant memories of your sluggish morning, all brought back in a whoosh of vivid images and stale coffee grinds. But with a Keurig brewer, no one has to deal with dumping old pots of coffee, rinsing coffee pots, emptying grinds, cleaning up the drips and drops. Keurig brewers simply side-step the whole delightfully stale affair. Instead of stinking up the coffee room with a giant pot of unused coffee, Keurig brewers create a fresh cup of coffee each time so that all that remains is a coffeehouse aroma of roasted beans.

Ever have a coffee machine that continually caused a social event? If you’re an office manager or an employer and you got workers on company time constantly gathering around the coffee machine every 2 milliseconds waiting for a brew to complete, this mini social event probably gets your blood boiling each time. Prolonged lingering, loitering and chatting is definitely an issue when it’s coffee time, and luckily Keurig brewers literally don’t allow any of that nonsense. Programmed and artfully designed to produce one delicious cup of coffee each time, Keurig brewers are company time-savers. A Keurig brewer equals orderly one-by-one turn-taking for coffee. A Keurig brewer reduces traffic in the coffee room, reduces maulage over that prized fresh cup, and, best of all, reduces the amount of superfluous social-butterflies who abuse company time.

There you have it, folks. Five amazing ways in which Keurig brewers can easily solve office problems.

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