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Oil And Vinegar Cruet Gifts

Updated on July 28, 2010

Entertaining One Piece Cruets

Oil and Vinegar Cruet

For entertaining and parties, casual dining, or just everyday use, owning a beautiful glass olive oil and vinegar cruet adds to your kitchen and dining d├ęcor. As an important part in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Used in moderation, olive oil and balsamic vinegar are a healthful addition to any diet. A quality olive oil and vinegar can combine to form an exquisite taste. Used for salads, bread dips, or with cooking for foods such as seafood, over cooked or fresh vegetables, and even on pastas. Even more added flavor can be achieved with the addition of fresh herbs and spices.

My personal favorite is a combination of extra virgin olive oil with a raspberry balsamic vinegar. This is a wonderful taste over dark greens in a salad or as a dip for french bread.

Side By Side Freestanding Oil and Vinegar Cruets

Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruets

For storing your O&V, using glass oil and vinegar cruets are a beautiful way to bring your O&V from the pantry to the table. In addition to glass, you can buy oil and vinegar cruets in ceramic bottles.

While most are separate bottle cruets, there are some available that house both the olive oil and vinegar cruet together in one glass bottle. These are fantastic for displaying at parties and are guaranteed to get attention and comments. The glass cruet bottles are made of blown glass and offer something that most of your dinner guests may have never seen.

The down side, is that when you need to clean one, you will need to clean both. But the advantages of the dual bottle glass cruet far outweighs the disadvantages.

Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Gifts

For gift giving to the cook that loves to impress, oil and vinegar cruets are a fantastic gift. Even better, include bottles of wonderful olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a gift basket with the cruet and gourmet cheeses and crackers.


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    • The Empire profile image

      The Empire 8 years ago from Napa, CA

      I got these as a wedding present. It was a great gift and gets use almost every day. Great hub!