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Oklahoma, Where the Beer isn't Just for the Horses

Updated on March 6, 2013
Prairie Artisan Ales' Standard
Prairie Artisan Ales' Standard

Why Oklahoma Beer?

Why not?

We know beer. Sure, sometimes we partake in the Bud Light, 3.2, water-beer world, but because we do things like watch sports every other day, fish during the day on weekends and go out to bars at night... We know beer. And Oklahoma brewing companies have started doing something about it.

There have been many breweries that have popped up in the past 10 years and some, like Choc, have been around for longer. One of the newest on the scene is Prairie Artisan Ales who have become quite the sensation. I have to say that they are my favorite out of the Oklahoma beers, which is saying something, because I love a lot of them. There's nothing distinct that makes these beers Oklahoman other than where they are brewed, but they mean a lot to the locals around here.

Did you know that it is hip to know beer? Norman, Oklahoma is home to some of the hippest beer enthusiasts I know. One of them recently found out he was gluten intolerant (may he rest in peace) and has found the wonderful world of whiskey. Anyway, knowing beers in hip, so here's some Okie beers to put on your list, because if you aren't from here then you could be the first in your area to here about them.

Prairie Artisan Ales is, like I said, my personal favorite, their whiskey barrel aged noir is one of the best, darker beers I have ever had. It definitely has whiskey notes to it, but is very smooth. Their Standard is also great with a cartoon of how to noodle on it. They are also expanding and collaborating with other regions. Check out their Facebook for a tap near you.

Marshall Brewing Company is one of the most expansive breweries in Oklahoma, because they have taps at a lot of local restaurants. They also have an IPA (Indian Pale Ale) that is still hoppy, but not a kick in the face like a lot of IPAs are. Some of there Facebook photos show their intense brewing process so I can enjoy my beers in multiple bars.

Mustang Brewing Company is a little closer to my part of Oklahoma and, like Marshall, shows in many bars and liquor stores here. Their Washita Wheat (pronounced Wha-sha-ta) is a nice light option. According to their Facebook they have also come out with their first IPA, the DoppelHopper.

Choc Beer Company is one of the originals and no, Choc does not stand for chocolate. It stands for Choctaw. This beer and the two Prairie beers mentioned above are brewed in Krebs, Oklahoma (an Italian settlement with the best mozzarella). They are the founders of the OPA (Oklahoma Pale Ale) and according to their Facebook they are branching out from Oklahoma too.

Huebert Brewing Company has some of the best packaging I have seen on a beer and let's face it buying beer can be a lot about the packaging. The Deep Duece Porter is the favorite with it's nod to Oklahoma City's jazz district that happened simultaneously with The Harlem Renaissance, even though they also created a NoBama brew. How ironic and disappointing.

I guess that's it, whether it's devastatingly conservative, a guide to noodling or named after a Native American tribe, these beers represent the good and the bad of Oklahoma. Nevertheless, knowing beers is hip and knowing a beer from Krebs, Oklahoma is sure to give you at least 50 hip points.

Would You?

Would you buy a beer, on tap or in a bottle, that came from Oklahoma?

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Huebert Brewing Company's Wild Pony Wheat
Huebert Brewing Company's Wild Pony Wheat


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