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Old Fashioned Drip Coffee Makers | Coffee Percolators | Coffee Pot | Use no filters | easy to clean | no electricity

Updated on September 3, 2012
Old Fashioned Drip Coffee Maker
Old Fashioned Drip Coffee Maker
Old Fashioned Coffee Peculator
Old Fashioned Coffee Peculator

Stove top drip and coffee percolators are once again gaining popularity.

These shinny little stove top coffee pots use to be a common cooking item next to a skillet. They are still being made and sold.

The drip coffee maker was invented around 1811 while the coffee percolator was invented in 1865.

The drip coffee maker utilizes a three part assembly with a top reservoir to pour in hot water which then drips down over a basked of coffee grounds.

The percolator heats the water from the bottom which then is forced up through a narrow tube fitted in the middle of a strainer basket.

The hot water then falls down over the strainer basket full coffee grounds and back into the bottom of the pot to keep recirculation until the desired strength is accomplished.

Most of the early percolators included a glass bubble on the top to see the color of the coffee as it began to percolate until it is finished.

Before these inventions coffee was made by adding water to the coffee grounds and boiling them together.

This made coffee drinking an adventure as the grounds would also be mixed with the coffee and would need to be strained as it was being poured.

The old coffee pots did have a strainer built into the spout but the smaller grounds would still pass through. Some would use a cloth to add the coffee grounds to then tie off the top making a pouch like a large tea bag.

Perhaps this is where the concept of using an old sock in the coffee pot originated?

Electric percolators were invented in the mid 1800s but did not become really used until the early 1900’s when the rural electrification act began to spread across the nation. Even then many stuck with the old stove top drip or percolator models.

In 1972 the first automated drip coffee maker was invented and has since revolutionized the way most households now make their morning cup of coffee.

Why would people now want to go backwards to the old metal stove top models once again?

Some just like the nostalgia of a simpler time and remember growing up with the morning popping sound and smell of fresh brewing coffee. Depending on whom you talk to some will even claim they made better tasting coffee.

Others are becoming frustrated with having to replace the expensive plastic coffee makers every few years feeling it is somehow a conspiracy of planned obsolesces put on to the American public to sell them more cheaply made coffee makers.

Others don’t like the sanitary conditions the all in one makers present and want something they can easily clean.

While others just want to move away from energy consuming products and devices that require them to continue purchasing paper filters.

Whatever the reason the old time shinny pots are once again popping and brewing fresh coffee any many homes.

Both the drip and percolator coffee pot pictures are courtesy of Cottage Craft Works and may be purchased on line at Cottage Craft Works .com


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