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Old Fashioned | Ice Cream | Maker | Freezer | White Mountain | Country

Updated on March 26, 2013
Country Freezer with electric motor conversion
Country Freezer with electric motor conversion
Hand crank Country Freezers
Hand crank Country Freezers
Country Freezers come in all sizes up to 20qt
Country Freezers come in all sizes up to 20qt
White Mountain Hand Crank
White Mountain Hand Crank
White Mountain Electric
White Mountain Electric
Country 20qt wagon mount
Country 20qt wagon mount

Heavy duty ice cream freezers are for those who plan on making more than just an occasional batch of homemade ice cream.

If you just plan on keeping an ice cream freezer on the shelf to have on hand to make a small batch of homemade ice cream for once a year, then the cheaper freezers sold in discount stores will probably just work fine for you.

However, if you’re family loves homemade ice cream or you use a freezer for church socials and other gatherings you will want to consider the brands trusted for years.

At one time White Mountain Freezers were considered king of the ice cream freezer world.

White Mountain simply made the best built in America product and withstood the times.

Over more recent years White Mountain has experienced several changes of ownership's and have struggled somewhat to compete in the discount store chain wars, by using imported parts.

White Mountain has also experienced problems with their gears and electric motors and within the past year have really revised and upgraded to newer and better models which seem to be living up to the White Mountain name.

White Mountain Freezers are still a good product, especially now since they have improved the electric motor and gear assembly. These are ideal for those who may enjoy making several batches of homemade ice cream per year.

Probably one group of people who uses ice cream freezers the most are the Amish communities. The hand crank White Mountain Freezers were also their choice and continue to be widely used in the Amish communities.

Like many products used by the Amish if they begin experiencing problems they will manufacture their own long lasting products or find ways to improve existing products for their own use.

The Amish made Country Freezers were developed as an alternative. Since the Amish are into building things to last, they really don’t care about market share or shaving off cost by using imported products.

For those who just enjoy making homemade ice cream throughout the summer or use a freezer for church and other social events the Amish made Country Freezer is something to really consider.

The Country Freezer wooden tubs are still made of white oak just like the oak used to make wine and whiskey barrels. It’s a premium hardwood that is very expensive to buy today. But It’s just one statement to the old fashioned quality material used in the Country Freezers.

The bands are also made of stainless steel and feature adjustment screws to tighten the tub staves. This feature is not available on any other freezer wood tub on the market.

This is a rather important feature since wood will shrink and dry out in hot and low humidity climates.

Others use a non adjustable metal wire band that may rust through over the years with the constant exposure to the salt used in the ice.

The stainless tub that spins in the packed ice is also thicker on the Country Freezer than other tubs on the market and some of those may not even be made of stainless.

The gears are also American made and use harder metals for longer wear.

Since the Country Freezer has mainly been sold within the Amish communities most have not came across them unless they have visited an actual Amish store.

One of the drawbacks Country Freezers, since they are made by the Amish, up until now they have only been available in hand crank models for the smaller sizes. Most people want the electric motor, and up until now an electric motor option just was not available.

Country Freezers do make the large 20qt freezer with a pulley that can be ran by electric or gasoline motors, but this size is used more for large social events and festivals.

If you grew up in the 50s and 60s or still go to antique tractor shows you may have seen one of these powered by the old hit and miss gasoline motor.

Cottage Craft Works .com actually now carries the Country 6 and 8 quart models of the Country Freezers with an electric motor and gear frame conversion.

Cottage Craft Works appears to be the only site that carries this electric motor option for the Country Freezers. They also offer new White Mountain freezers with an optional upgraded American made gears on all the hand crank models as well as replacement tub latches that work like the Country Freezers.

These are conversion and parts made in an Amish shop for those who either have older White Mountain freezers or just want to upgrade.

If you already have an older White Mountain or Country Freezer and just need replacement parts, Cottage Craft Works also carries all the replacement parts for both of these ice cream freezer brands as well as all sizes of both the White Mountain and Country Freezers.


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