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Olive Garden, It's A Family Place!

Updated on November 18, 2013

What Are Your Thoughts On Olive Garden?

5 stars from 1 rating of Olive Garden

Diners Want Value For Their Dollar

Restaurants are working hard to offer value to their customers these days. With more families cutting back and budgeting their money, eating out becomes a luxury and restaurants are feeling the pain. More families are looking for value for their dollars, but still want to enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere of a nice dining establishment.

Some corporate restaurant chains are finding out that they have to make changes to continue seeing customers that they have seen over the years. Darden is one company that has had to institute new ideas to continue offering what customers want. Darden owns several well known chains, including Olive Garden. They opened Olive Garden in 1982 and as of today have over 700 Olive Garden restaurants.

Even the teenager liked Olive Garden
Even the teenager liked Olive Garden | Source
Italian Village
Italian Village | Source

Tuscany, Italy Is Olive Gardens Inspiration

Olive Garden is inspired from the farm houses of Tuscany, Italy. Tuscany is located in a central region of Italy with Florence being the capital. The cuisine of Tuscany features quality breads, fruits, cheeses, mushrooms, beef and pork. Olive Garden uses the same ingredients to create their Italian dishes giving the diner a taste of Tuscany without the travel.

Delicious Italian Food
Delicious Italian Food | Source

Surprising Changes At Olive Garden

Over the years the prices at Olive Garden had gotten high enough that it was more of a special occasion restaurant for a budget minded family rather than a go to spot to eat dinner. A lot of times it was less expensive to eat lunch with their lunch prices than to take an entire family to dinner. As the economy has struggled over the years Olive Garden has gotten a reality check. They have made their menu more comparable to other restaurants without compromising their quality. I say this from my own experience, and to be honest Olive Garden was not on our regular spots to dine with a family of five. We decided to visit Olive Garden again the other night and we were pleasantly surprised.

The menu was engaging and offered many new items with affordable dinner prices. They had specials along with their dinner menu that were also exciting and offered small plates with small prices that could be side dishes or just a light bite to eat. We were enthralled and had a very hard time deciding what to order. The ambiance was, as usual, warm and inviting. Their Tuscan farm house appeal really makes you feel like you have stepped into a lovely Italian family's dining room. We had to admit that we really missed the dining experience that Olive Garden offers. The service was excellent and the entire restaurant was hopping with happy customers and very helpful staff. The food was delivered quickly and it seemed like they all wanted us to feel like we were the only customers that night.

I was extremely impressed and enjoyed a wonderful meal with my family and the price was just right.

Fresh Ingredients
Fresh Ingredients | Source

Try Olive Garden

If it has been a long time since you have visited Olive Garden consider giving it another try, like we did, you might find you are as impressed as we were that night. Perhaps you have never visited an Olive Garden, if that is the case you need to put it on your try it list. You will find the food excellent and the service and atmosphere above average for casual dining.

A Few Items Offered at Olive Garden

Menu Item
Eggplant Parmagiana
Lightly breaded eggplant, fried and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese and served with spaghetti
under $12.00 (in Canton, Ga)
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Traditional meat sauce seasoned with garlic and herbs served over spaghetti
under $12.00 (in Canton, Ga)
Create Your Own Pizza
Choose up to four toppings
under $12.00 (in Canton, Ga_
A few of the menu items at Olive Garden. Prices may vary according to the area you live in

Do You Have A Favorite?

What is your favorite Italian Dish?

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Budget tips to save money
Budget tips to save money | Source

Budget Tips For Dining Out

If you are eating out on a budget you can use a few tips that will help you enjoy a nice evening out for a meal, without draining your wallet. First, order water to drink. Drinks from the bar, wine and soda are all ways that you add cost to your meal. Water is actually the best beverage to drink while eating because it aids in digestion. Depending on the size of your party you can save quite a bit by not ordering beverages. Skip the appetizer and the dessert. Enjoy the time waiting for your meal with conversation instead of snacking prior to your entrees making their way to the table. Dessert, as good as it is, can be skipped and will help cut the calories from the meal, as well as the price on the bill. If you still want something nice and sweet after a meal have something at home to cap off the evening.


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    • jrpierce profile image

      Jaymie 4 years ago from Ellijay, Ga

      I do too, I love Italian food and the Olive Garden was so good I had to write about it haha! Thanks for the comment :)

    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      Love Italian food and Olive Garden. Great hub.