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Customized Halal Birthday Cupcakes in Singapore

Updated on April 27, 2009

You can now order customized Halal birthday cupcakes in Singapore with a mere click at the online bakery: Cupcake Momma.

Some months back, I got the role of getting a birthday cake for a joint birthday celebration of 2 good friends. I did not want to get just a cake. I was looking for something different. Some creative customized birthday ideas.

Great! Now how the hell am I going to accomplish that when I have meetings back-to-back?

Dinggg! A light bulb flashed.

Well, I did what you just did. Duhh…. Google is such a marvel of the cyber world. In split seconds, I found it! Customized Halal Birthday Cupcakes.

Where to get customized cupcakes

Cupcake Momma is an online bakery that specializes in cupcakes for every occasion: birthday cupcakes, wedding cupcakes, baby full month celebrations and even company corporate events. To top it off, the cupcakes design catalogue is simply irresistible! So colorful and dainty. You get to customise your messages or names on those cupcakes.

Cupcakes Price and Delivery

The price of these customized special designed cupcakes are fairly reasonable. It ranges from standard design S$1.60 per cupcake (min 15pc) to special design S$2.60 per cupcake (min 12pc). Cupcake delivery is charged at S$15 per location from Mon-Sat. Mode of payment includes online bank transfer. Absolutely hassle-free!

So the smart old me did a wee bit of finger exercise and I’m done!

When those customized Halal birthday cupcakes finally arrived, everyone can’t stop ooh-ing and ahh-ing at them. Naturally, I got quite a few pats for a job well-done. Hee hee…

More ideas: easy Flourless Nutella Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

For those of you who have a bit more time on hand, try this easy Flourless Nutella Chocolate Cupcake Recipe. Let your creative juices flow!

Have fun!


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    • profile image

      naz 5 years ago

      pls call me at 97665373. wld like to order 50 cupcakes for hari rayacum b'day theme

    • profile image

      Vivien 5 years ago

      Hi Can give me a call at 9770 8118 regarding ordering 50 cupcakes for my daughter 1 year old birthday asap. thanks

    • profile image

      Aidah 5 years ago

      Pla call me at 92222990(aidah).regard ordering 25 cupcakes for my dghter bthday..really appreciate if u could get back to asap...thanks

    • profile image

      Maszelin 5 years ago

      Hi, wld like to order around 17 cupcakes for my boy's birthday. Do u hv anything related to disney cars theme? I can be contacted at 96356393. Thks!

    • profile image

      nita 6 years ago

      hi can give a call ... 96162019 ...abt the cup cakes ..tks

    • profile image

      Huda 6 years ago

      Hi, I would like to order cupcakes from you. I need it by 25 June 2011. Please do email me at soonest. thanks!

    • profile image

      sita 6 years ago

      hi ratna i would like to order 25pcs of cupcakes on

      20/5/11 just a simple one for birthday theme . can contact me at 98830738 sita thanks

    • profile image

      Lynn 6 years ago

      Hi, i would like to know how much do you charge for each cupcakes of this design

      Do contact me @

      Thank You

    • profile image

      icashu 7 years ago

      A Muslim could consume any cake as long as it does not contain prohibited preservatives (eg. rum or brandy} and non-halal animal resin, not only pork base but any halal animal resin if the animal was not slaughtered within the Islamic guidelines.

    • profile image

      syu 7 years ago

      can i order 6 pcs of cupcakes in a weeks time?

    • profile image

      harwant kaur 7 years ago

      kindly call me hp:98006064, i need to know about cupcakes, plse

    • profile image

      margaretcookies 7 years ago

      That is very impressive!

    • profile image

      Margaret 7 years ago

      Good post, this may occasionally help me.. If you get a chance check out my

      custom cupcakes