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Operation Supper Time

Updated on May 3, 2012

My life

I am no stranger to the rigorous life style.Trying to juggle two kids, school, work, a husband(when I was married) and just life was difficult. It seemed like everything had to be done in a hurry. Everything, that included cooking and eating. I fell into the same traps or routines like everyone else. I would by quick prepackaged meals and frozen microwaved delights. For a year of my life, it seemed like the kids and i lived off of kids cuisines and hungry man meal. Don't get me wrong, I love a home cooked meal just as the next person but I was just to busy. Just to busy to eat well? Hmm!?! Sounds almost criminal now. I was very busy at that time, even now my life is constantly on the run.None the less, I have adjusted myself in order to always find time to have a great meal.

My mission

My issue was not that I did not know how to cook, but that I did not know how cook for my life style. Alot of us live our life on the go and neglect our most basic need. We need to eat . We need to eat well. A home cooked meal is becoming a thing of the past. Boxed meals and microwaved quick meals flood the industry and we are consuming them in alarming numbers. These meals are expensive and full of sodium, sugars and fats. What if you could have a great tasting, inexpensive, quick and healthy meal? Would you choose that over one full of preservatives or one that you just pop in the micro wave? I" grew up sitting at the dinner table having a meal with my family and cooking with my family. I want my children to have the same experiences. I believe all children should. Everyday I will post hints, tips and/or recipes to help others bring dinner time back into the home.

Eat, Drink and be merry

We all deserve a great meal. College students,single parents, married persons and singles alike all have hetic schedules. We all seem to forget to take the time out to cook soemthing nice for ourselve and learn differnet ways to make the dollar stretch when it comes to groceries. Hopefully the tips I have learned will help you. Feel free to request and ask any questions.


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