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Options for Vegetarians in Kolkata

Updated on September 17, 2014
Vegetarian Thalis
Vegetarian Thalis

Vegetarian Eateries in the City

Kolkata- The City Of Joy, boasts of numerous delicious eateries and restaurants in every nook and corner. People have a lot of options here to fulfil their taste buds. But the city mostly has lots of option for the non- vegetarians.

Hence, finding a proper place to eat is hard; let alone the effort you have to make to find a proper vegetarian eatery. You have my condolences for being the sufferer.

When are out with friends, you are the person who has to make compromises while ordering because the menu has skimpy number of vegetarian items. Kolkata being a fish and meat paradise, its all the more hard being a vegetarian here.

However here is a friendly list of vegetarian restaurants around the City of Joy you can swear by. These offer everything from Italian, Mexican to Indian varying in price from being pocket friendly to being a pinch for your wallet, whatever they are, these dish out delicious food fit for the Gods.

Vegetable Rice Dishes
Vegetable Rice Dishes

Om Ganpati restaurant

Address: 12, Park Street, Queens Mansion, Park Street, Kolkata

There are certain restaurants whose location often goes unnoticed amidst the swarm of its glamorous counterparts. Om Ganpati Restaurant definitely fits the bill. Located within the Queens Mansion compound, Om Ganpati Restaurant is a must-visit for all you vegetarians out there who are looking for a diverse platter of veggie food in a modest amount.

Om Ganpati is currently one of the best pure-veg restaurants in Kolkata offering very good food at reasonable prices. This pure veg restro offers you Continental, Mexican, Chinese and North Indian. They also offer a range of mocktails to go with your food. Exotic items offered are broccoli soup, burritos, angry birds, and coconut paneer kebabs. They also offer sizzlers from each cuisine.

Food is averagely priced to make you happy when the bill arrives. Speciality of this place is its authentic north Indian platter offered. The service is fast and the quantity is good.

Kaidi kitchen

Address: 1st Floor, Usha Kiran Building, 12 A, Camac Street Area, Kolkata

As the name suggests, this restaurant is designed as a prison. It is fun themed restaurant which is sure to make you feel different as you dig into its lip smacking food. The décor of the place is done smartly to give you the feel of a kitchen prison. It is complete with iron cast bars to hold you while you dine. The stewards are dressed up as police-men. It also serves cocktails, one of the very few veg restaurants to serve it.

Vegetarian Food
Vegetarian Food

Casa kitchen

Address: Hotel Casa Fortuna, 234/1, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata

This is another posh vegetarian restaurant which is sure to keep you taste buds happy. It is located in the prime area of Bhawanipur, which is one of the important Gujarati areas. Hence its serves some amazing Gujarati and Jain food.

It serves lip-smacking Italian, Chinese, Continental and North Indian food. Indian food is its speciality. They serve a wide range of mocktails and cocktails. Casa kitchen is the best place to stop by for breakfast. Their dessert platter is blissful and sure to make you reach heaven.


Address: 10, Wood Street, Camac Street Area, Kolkata

It is one of the very few vegetarian restaurants to dish out only Mexican, Italian and Continental food. The food is highly recommended for veggies looking for veg options in these international cuisines. They offer interesting sizzlers with wonderful combinations. Innovative mocktails are also served to accompany the heavenly food. This might be slightly expensive for college goers surviving on pocket money.


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Haldirams food city

Address: 24, Ballygunge Park, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Haldirams vows to provide you only the best veg food. Haldirams food city is a fun café styled place serving mainly fast food. They also offer interesting combo meals, best for office lunches. This is a fun place to hangout with friends. Their specialities are variations of dhoklas offered. However they donot serve alcohol. This is a pocket friendly place best suited for college goers. You might consider a different option for family dinners.

Vegetarian Desserts
Vegetarian Desserts

Little Lady

Address: 8th Floor, Fort Knox Building, Camac Street Area, Kolkata

This is one of those secret unknow restaurants which you take your girl friend to, to give her a surprise. Little Lady serves excellent Italian food which will leave her wowed. They also serve alcohol which makes it escalate higher in your list of restaurants to try out. The calm and quite atmosphere allows you to enjoy the bliss of Italian food with out any interruptions. However Little Lady falls on the expensive side of your wallet but it’s a place worth trying.


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