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Orange Glazed Deep Fried Chicken

Updated on June 19, 2013
Orange Glazed Deep Fried Chicken
Orange Glazed Deep Fried Chicken

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5 stars from 4 ratings of Homemade Orange Glazed Chicken

Orange Glazed Deep Fried Chicken

I'm sharing with you here my way of doing orange glazed deep fried chicken. I've been told I make the best deep fried chicken in the world and here were going to kick it up a notch by making an orange glaze for it that's easy to make and oh so delicious.

You can use chicken breast to make your chicken nuggets to make this delicious chicken dish with but I'm going to be using chicken thighs that I've taken the skin off of them and removed the bone.

Once I have the skin and the bone removed I cut my chicken thighs up into small pieces about half the size of a mans thumb and I marinade my chicken in the refrigerator for an hour in Italian Dressing. This is one of the secrets that makes this chicken so delicious. Try it and I'll bet you'll love it.

Now once your chicken pieces have marinaded for an hour get ready to prepare your chicken nuggets and cook them before you apply the orange glaze.

Step 1

In a bowl with room for dipping mix two cups of buttermilk and two large eggs and beat it together very well with a wire whisk. You must beat this mixture hard to make sure that the milk and egg mixture gets mixed together very well. About the easiest way to do this is to pour your milk and eggs into your blender and mix it all together very well.

Step 2

In another bowl mix the below ingredients together very well as this is the mixture your going to be dipping your chicken into before you deep fry it. You can use a pot or pan to deep fry in but you really should buy yourself a home deep fryer as soon as you can. It's easier to fry in a home deep fryer and it's a whole lot safer than using a pan or pot for deep frying.

1. Two Cups Flour.

2. One Teaspoon Paprika.

3. One Teaspoon Dry Italian Seasoning.

4. One Teaspoon Poultry Seasoning.

5. One Half Teaspoon Ground Sea Salt.

6. One Half Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper.

7. One Fourth Teaspoon Ground Cayenne Pepper.

Mix all seven ingredients together and stir your bowl up from the bottom to be sure all your ingredients are very well mixed together.

Step 3

You want to take your raw chicken nuggets a few at a time and dip them into the buttermilk and egg mixture and then dip them into the dry mixture. Take them out of the dry flour mixture and shake off the excess flour. Put your breaded chicken nuggets onto a tray or plate until you get all your chicken nuggets breaded.

Step 4

Your now ready to fry your chicken nuggets a handful at a time in 350 degree oil until the chicken nuggets are golden brown. Be sure to take a metal spoon or spatula and push the nuggets down and flip them over so they get brown all over. Once you know they are cooked done and golden brown remove them from the oil and drain them on paper towels in a pan or plate so they will drain well. Repeat frying in batches until you have all the chicken nuggets fried and drained.

Step 5

Now you want to make your orange glaze for your chicken. This is a easy recipe to make and you won't believe how great it will taste on your homemade chicken nuggets.

Ingredients Needed For Orange Glaze

1. One Half Cup Orange Marmalade.

2. One Half Cup Orange Juice.

3. One Half Cup Dijon Mustard.

4. One Fourth Cup Brown Sugar.

Put these four ingredients into your food processor or blender and puree it smooth. Take a plastic spatula and push everything back down into the blender several times while blending to make sure everything gets very well mixed. If your using a food processor you'll have to do the same thing so everything gets well mixed.

You then want to pour your orange glaze out into a small saucepan and heat it to almost boiling but not quite. Be sure not to boil it. Now put all your deep fried chicken nuggets into a large bowl and pour the orange glaze you just made in over your chicken nuggets and shake the bowl to make sure all the deep fried chicken nuggets get very well coated with the glaze.

This will be some of the best orange glazed chicken that you will ever get to eat. I like to serve it with hot buttered white rice and garlic bread and everyone that eats it says its some of the best orange glazed chicken that they have ever eaten.

I know I've made this same recipe for homemade orange glazed chicken for tens of thousands of people and they all loved it.

Great Chicken Tacos

For several parties over the years I've made the orange glazed chicken and then made chicken tacos out of it on flour tortillas. On the tacos along with the orange glazed chicken I put lettuce chopped fine, diced tomatoes, diced red sweet onion and sour cream and guacamole. Sometimes I just fold the flour tortillas over in half and sometimes I roll up the flour tortillas up and then cut them crosswise into small sandwiches and secure them with frilled toothpicks. They make the perfect party sandwich this way.

You can serve healthy oven home fries with your chicken tacos for a delicious healthy meal that people are sure to enjoy. For a small dinner party you won't come up with a better or tastier combination.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

You can if you wish make the homemade deep fried chicken nuggets and either serve them with out the orange glaze or serve the orange glaze on the side. For dinner parties I often make orange glazed chicken nuggets, plain deep fried chicken nuggets and barbecue chicken nuggets. People love foods that are quick to pick up and taste delicious. Appetizer meals are really popular now for dinner parties.

Ideals For A Appetizer Or Dinner Party.

You could put chicken tacos at the center of a big tray and put deep fried chicken nuggets, orange glazed chicken nuggets, and barbecue chicken nuggets in a circle around the chicken tacos.

Serve potato salad, slaw, lettuce, diced tomatoes, diced onions, pickles, and etc. as sides to go along with your appetizer meal. I guarantee you people will love what you have to offer. If you really want to jazz it up you can do a cut up fruit tray with all kinds of cut up fruits, plain yogurt, and etc so people can pick up what they want to eat and enjoy. Add paper plates, plastic forks and spoons and napkins and you have a dinner party that people are sure to enjoy.

Thank You For Reading My Hub Page

About The Author: Thomas Byers

Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages for over five years and he has been an award winning Chef, Writer, and Herbal Researcher for over forty years. He enjoys writing at Hub Pages and sharing his recipes with you. Be sure to check out more of his Hub Pages.

Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been an award winning Chef for over forty years and he has won over $50,000 in prizes in Chili Cook Offs.
Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been an award winning Chef for over forty years and he has won over $50,000 in prizes in Chili Cook Offs. | Source

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    • stars439 profile image


      6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Tasty looking chicken. I must try this. GBY Thank You.

    • bac2basics profile image


      6 years ago from Spain

      My mouth is watering. This chicken looks the business. Will give it a try for sure. Thanks again crazyhorsesghost. voted you up and a 5 star rating.

    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 

      6 years ago from Carmichael, California

      Thank you for another fantastic recipe. I usually make orange chicken with a soy sauce style recipe and it does get a bit boring. This recipe will spice things up a bit. Thank you!

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks for your comment. It is a great dish and oh so tasty. The chicken tacos made with it are also delicious.

    • LaThing profile image


      6 years ago from From a World Within, USA

      Great and simple dish. I will be trying it for sure! Love the picture...... Five star, and awesome! :)

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      It is a wonderful recipe and tastes oh so delicious. Thanks for your comment.

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      Wow! Looks delicious! I had just eaten dinner and this makes me hungry ^-^'


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