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Ordering Take Away Delivery Food Online - Hungryhouse Order Indian Takeaway Delivery Food Online

Updated on December 23, 2010
Hungryhouse UK
Hungryhouse UK

I am writing about Hungryhouse who have a website innovation where anyone can order take away delivery food online. Order take away delivery food online is becoming very popular and many businesses who serve and deliver Indian food, Chinese food, pizzas, kebabs and burgers are participating in this new opportunity to bring in extra business.

My background being from the catering industry, see this as an excellent opportunity for businesses to take to improve sales and gather a wider range of customers from different areas of whichever areas they trade in.

Hungryhouse was an idea of two friends from Australia who, after finishing university, decided to go to UK for a working holiday. By 2003 they both had good jobs in the City of London but thought there must be more to just working life.

How It All Started

Tony and Shane were two students who met in University of technology in Sydney, while studying Computing Science. They decided that they were going to start up a new business, but what type of business? Carrying out a brainstorming session brought all types of weird and wonderful ideas to the table like a car wash, tennis court booking online but the one thing that stood out was of course online food ordering service!

Hungryhouse launched in February 16th 2006 after 2 years of hard graft from conception of the idea to launch.

Tony and Shane's idea of would be the BEST POSSIBLE solution to the problem at hand, which was bringing ordering take away food to your fingertips.

Their website,, launched with just 12 businesses from their local Putney area of London and they spent up to 6 months changing, tweaking and polishing to their satisfaction.

By the end of 2006 decided to expand around the surrounding areas of London, which proved a hit.

User Friendly

 The Hungryhouse website is very user friendly and anyone can use it, take their time on deciding what to have and read through the descriptions before making a decision.

The most convenient thing is that anyone using the website to order any type of food online is that they can research ingredients and food available from different places with the click of the mouse. If you want to know the benefits of garlic while deciding whether to have a garlic based you can do so just by opening a new window on your pc or laptop and researching. If you have a cold then which curry has the ingredients to help get rid of the cold can be researched also, and the list goes on.

A Poll on Your Favourite Food

Which one of these is your favourite? (These are available to order online)

See results

Customer Reviews

After every order via Hungryhouse you can leave feedback or review the establishment you ordered the food from.

This enables customers to make a better decision and to decide which establishment, local to them, to order from next time. Reading each review also helps in deciding because customers leave honest feedback about the service, food quality and value. There are three grids next to the names of the food businesses with the number of times thye have been reviewed which makes it very simple and easy to make a judgment on which local establishment to order food from.

Everything has been thought of and customers can pay securely online using credit or debit cards or pay cash on delivery. The time of the delivery is stated so you know when to expect the order.

You can also order the food for the time to suit you, which means if you are at work then you can order your food to be delivered for when you get home.

More and more local food businesses are signing up for this fantastic online food ordering service to bring in the extra orders, so the ones which are good will enjoy more custom and great reviews if they keep up the standards high.

Win £25 For Leaving A Review!

 You've enjoyed your food so much and now it's time to leave feedback. There is a chance to win £25 just by leaving a review about your favourite online food ordering establishment! What can be so rewarding than enjoying you meal plus getting the chance to win some money too!

Don't forget, make sure you leave feedback to be in with a chance to win some money so you can spend it towards your next online meal!

Sizzling Spices on Hungryhouse!

 Sizzling Spices, the Indian take away in Liscard, Wallasey, Wirral UK, is now on Hungryhouse to take any orders online. All of the menu is on the website with descriptions and offers.


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