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Ordering Out: The Struggle is REAL

Updated on May 28, 2015
Chicken and Sausage Alfredo from Sicillias Pizzeria on Atwells ave on Federal Hill in Providence, RI. SCARY.
Chicken and Sausage Alfredo from Sicillias Pizzeria on Atwells ave on Federal Hill in Providence, RI. SCARY. | Source


Here is a scenario for you:

You work all day, cramming and pretty much skipping lunch just to get your job done so you can go home and relax with your family. At home doing laundry and cleaning up after the pets, you sit waiting another hour for your significant other to arrive. He comes thru the door looking just as happy to be home as you were, and kisses you while saying what should we eat for dinner? Hmmm pasta you say? How about Sicillias on Atwells? Sure babe, that works, whatever, he says as he steps into the shower. Order is placed. Chicken and sausage fettucini alfredo and you get yourself a shrimp plate. An hour later, this attrocity arrives, claiming to be dinner. It looks like someone thru cooked pasta in an aluminum foil dish thingy, took some cooked chicken tenders and thru them on there, then tossed a couple sausaged on top before slathering it all with a ladle of "alfredo sauce". I mean I am not saying that I expected 5 star cuisine, but hey lets face it, as my fiance' works as the Executive Chef of a kitchen on Federal Hill in Providence, and I go with him to restaurant depot to acquire all the ingredients, I am privvy to a few more things than most. THE MEAL COST OVER 30$, and they didn't even make it look like human food! A) they could have AT THE VERY LEAST tried to make the ingredients look like an ingestible meal or B) tried to disguise the ingredients and I could then PRETEND it's a meal. Either way I will just say in closing, that if I ever order from there again, it will be when they no longer serve soggy, saggy, fish-smelling-shrimp, and charge $14.99 for it! I agree when ordering food it is a toss up but BELIEVE ME, someone from OSHAA needs to go visit them and make sure their seafood doesn't give anyone else the stomach cramping I have been dealing with today!!


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