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6 Bebidas naturales para eliminar el mal aliento hoy mismo

Updated on January 1, 2018

The vast majority of people have suffered from bad breath, some with more intensity than others, of course. But what you did not know is that we all have halitosis tomorrow, what is that? It is that bad breath that occurs when we wake up, since our mouth has accumulated a large number of bacteria during the break, but usually leaves immediately afterwards. of a good brushing.

woman putting her hand in her mouth to detect bad breath

The most common causes of bad breath
Therefore we must take into account what causes bad breath or halitosis; It usually comes as a result of deficient or completely null oral hygiene, which causes the bacteria to accumulate and begin to secrete sulfur, a chemical that generates the bad smell of the mouth.

It should be noted that there are many foods that are more likely to cause bad breath, even get to worsen halitosis in those who suffer more deeply. You should know that according to experts, the foods that cause worse breath are those that contain sugars and refined foods, the rich coffee that we like so much, also some alcoholic beverages usually cause these effects; and finally, although it is not a food or anything that is swallowed, there are cigarettes, which besides being very harmful to health, leave us a terrible breath; All these things cause halitosis, thanks to the fact that they usually accumulate a large number of bacteria on the back of the tongue or between the teeth.

Natural drinks to eliminate bad breath
For this reason, we must maintain good oral health, with this we will be able to noticeably reduce this problem; although if it becomes very constant and you do not find a solution, it is a good idea to treat it with the help of some ingredients that we have at home, we can even contact a specialist to guide us a little more and advise us as to the reason for This ugly disease.

So we have for you 6 great recipes of natural and homemade drinks that will free you once and for all of that uncomfortable and bad smelling defect.

1. Natural yogurt

A yogurt with prebiotics that help eliminate bad breath

Drinking yogurt with prebiotics twice a day is a powerful natural weapon to combat bad breath, the bacteria present in yogurt will be responsible for reducing the compounds that produce bad breath and may cool your mouth. Remember that you must consume it naturally, some fruits contribute more acidic contents to the bacteria making it almost impossible for the yogurt bacteria to fulfill their mission.

In case of ingesting a yogurt that contains fruit always choose the one of plums, it will offer you not only a good digestion, but also a sensation of freshness, and being not very acidic, it helps to eliminate the halitosis.

2. Fresh water, preferably filtered
You can not underestimate the power of water to remove bad breath, nothing more with a glass of water, it helps us to eliminate the remains of food and acts as a constant cleaner keeping the bacteria that generate bad breath at bay, a fact very important is that halitosis is also generated by dehydration, the absence of saliva containing oxygen and enzymes that fight the bacteria generate the conditions for this evil.

So to drink water, try to drink your respective 8 glasses a day, even when you wake up before brushing, drink the first, little by little wet your mouth and eliminate bacteria, then finish with a good brushing.

3. Black tea
This drink contains polyphenols, responsible for eliminating the bacteria that cause bad breath. Black tea has different advantages for oral health, it even helps to prevent the appearance of cavities and to eliminate existing ones. To erase that bad smell, you must consume 2 cups of tea a day, every day and your bacterial flora will regulate your acidity process, saying goodbye completely to your fragrant inconvenience.

4. Lemon juice
Preparation of lemonade to remove bad breath

The juice of lemon or lemonade, are the most frequent options when it comes to quench thirst, therefore they are a great option to combat halitosis. We must remember that thirst dries the mouth because of the lack of saliva, and this promotes the multiplication of bacteria that not only give you a bad smell, but also generate cavities and other oral diseases; the lemon is an expert in stimulating the production of saliva, and by adding a little cinnamon, the benefits will be much better.

5. Fruit cocktail
This is about mixing a series of fruits rich in vitamins and polyphenols, as well as vitamin C; This drink creates in your mouth an acidic environment not suitable for multiplication of bacteria. It consists of filling a jug with half a liter of water, and adding 2 kiwis, 1 apple, a tangerine and 6 strawberries


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