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Organic Agriculture's Dirty Secret

Updated on April 7, 2015

Organic foods

Waste from factory farms, or
Concentrated Animal Feeding
Operations (CAFOs), as the
Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) calls them, is
being used and marketed as an
“organic” fertilizer. That’s a
problem, because factory farm
waste is contaminated with
hormones, antibiotics,
pesticides, disease organisms,
heavy metals, and other
undesirable substances,
including some disease-causing
agents such as
Salmonella and E. coli
bacteria that may survive the
composting process.
Fortunately the National
Organic Standards Board N O S B
is discussing plans to address
the problem. We want the NOSB
to recommend that factory farm
waste be banned from use.

Definition of Organic

Organically grown foods traditionally have been defined by the use of natural fertilizer's from plant and animal wastes.Usually from organically grown plants that are composted with lime and used after the composting process has destroyed any pathogens that might be present,especially if, animal waste is introduced .The end product being a sweet smelling soil amendment rich in natural minerals and microbes that is known for it's growth enhancing ability as well as the health sustaining qualities it, gives our physical bodies.Keeping our physical health as high as it can be in, a world that is becoming less focused on the health and more on the bottom line in the food business.

In order to stop the present decline in what the F D A is allowing farmers to label as "Organic" we must more clearly define the meaning of "ORGANIC" if,our words are to have the meaning that, we intend them to have, we must define the meaning of organic more clearly and distinctly in order to be more clearly understood.

Definition of ORGANIC -

ORGANIC - naturally containing only organic plant cell material from non - G M O - or Genetic Modified Organisms and without chemical pesticides and or herbicides that has not and never has been a "natural" part of a plants natural growth system. Any herbicides and or pesticides derived from natural plant based substances may be used for that purpose.For example ; liquid soaps and or pungent insect repellents such as peppermint,vinegar or other known natural plants or plant derived substance suitable for such a purpose may be used by Organic farmers in the future.

What kind of soil amendments should Organic farmers be allowed to use ?

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