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Organic Coffee vs. Regular Coffee

Updated on April 14, 2013

Theoretically, organic farming views the farm as an ecosystem unto itself which must be kept in a good condition and in a state of balance. Statistically speaking, after tobacco and cotton, conventionally- produced coffee is the third most chemically treated crop on this planet. For the regular coffee crop the farmers or the companies are not using only some of the synthetic pesticides and fertilizers which are banned in most of the western countries but they are using these chemicals without any genuine regulatory supervision.

Some people fear that pesticide residues will end up in their coffee but there are reports that since it’s the coffee cherry that has these pesticides and chemicals applied to it, the complete removal of the fruit during processing means that no chemicals residues will end up in the consumer’s coffee. Also in the same reports it is shown that by roasting the coffee at high temperature, which is above 400degrees F, the entire chemical residue that might, by chance remain would be driven off. Other people are saying that the agrochemicals may be taken up through the roots into coffee plants, and this way the coffee beans could be contaminated with these chemical residues.

In my opinion the main differences between organic coffees and regular coffees are the growing conditions and the effects on the farmers who produce the coffee and on the environment. Organic coffee is cultivated in smaller fields, usually under the shade of trees to promote the growth of migratory bird population, while the regular coffee is cultivated on vast areas to increase the production. The interesting part with the birds is the fact that these birds are the “natural pesticide” for the coffee. Another difference is that by being cultivated under the shade of trees the organic coffee has a more intense, pure tasting and it is more aromatic. The reason behind this difference is that the organic coffee is not harmed by the sun’s rays.

Also another difference is a financial one, which means that regular coffee’s cost of production is more expensive than the organic one because the regular coffee is grown with chemicals and pesticides which are very expensive. From a farmer point of view the sun has a great influence on the production of the coffee beans because the sun’s rays force the plant to produce more coffee at faster rate. In the same time this means that the farmers are yielding a higher amount of coffee. Many researchers agree that the flavor of regular coffee is affected because the lack due to over sunning and because the trees being removed.

It is up to you to choose which coffee has a better taste and a better flavor.


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