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Organic Farms in Central and North Georgia

Updated on February 5, 2015

The state of Georgia has a rich farming history which supplies, not only the South but the whole country, with superb produce such as Vidalia Onions, Georgia Peaches and Pecans. Sadly, Georgia farmers, as most in America, have used toxic pesticides for many generations. In addition, corporate entities have taken the place of the family farm and pump animals full of growth hormones and antibiotics. At these corporate farms, the health and wellbeing of the livestock is second to the rate of production.

In the last twenty years, a resurgence of the family farm has occurred throughout the United States. Georgia, with its abundance in agriculture, has many organic and certified naturally grown farms throughout the state for consumers to choose from. The majority of these farms are located in Central and North Georgia and sell their goods at local farmer’s markets and directly from their business.

"We are a small family farm dedicated to raising the best quality food that is good for our community and our environment. We believe in the Jewish concept of 'Tikun Olam' or repairing the world. This has a great impact on how we raise our animals and try to bring healing to the earth and our family and community. We hope to leave things better off than when we got here."

-Ancient Paths Farm

Ancient Paths Farm

Located in Bald Ground, Georgia, Ancient Paths Farm is a family ran operation which strives to produce clean and nutritious food for their community. They are committed to maintaining chemical free pastures and plants and do not feed their animals GMO products. They treat their animals lovely and humanely.

They move the pastured laying hens every few days in an electric portable fence. This allows the hens to eat bugs, get the sunshine they need, and the pens are kept parasite free. The pastured meat chickens are treated much the same way with plenty of sunshine to help develop rich flavors and good health.

Contact Ancient Paths through their website for locations where farm goods can be purchased.

Double AJ Farms is Animal Welfare Approved.
Double AJ Farms is Animal Welfare Approved. | Source

Double AJ Farms

Double AJ Farms is a family owned (Steve and Caroline Pesko) cattle farm located in Central Georgia (Davisboro), Double AJ produces Certified Naturally Grown Grass-fed Beef. Their beef is raised in pasture and is free of hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Double AJ Farm is certified by the American Grass-fed Association as well as Animal Welfare Approved.The Pesko family welcomes all inquiries regarding the methods used in the production of the beef and can be contacted through their website on locations it can be purchased.


Country Gardens Farm and Nursery

Located in Newnan, Georgia, Country Gardens Farm and Nursery provides farm food grown without chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones. The farm uses sustainable, organic methods; their animals are humanely treated and have access to pastures every day.

Country Gardens offer grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and pork, free-range eggs, raw cow's milk, raw local honey, and certified naturally grown vegetables. The farm offers CSAs, and also sells at the Peachtree Road Farmer's Market (at St. Phillip's Cathedral), East Atlanta Village Farmer's Market, and Peachtree City Farmer's Market.

"We are hard core foodies. While eating one meal, we are talking about what to make for the next. Our life revolves around food, eating it and most importantly enjoying it! We started raising our own beef because we wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. So now we raise all natural, grassfed beef. It's healthier for you. However, that is only half of the beef equation. If a food is good for you, but you can't stand how it tastes, that defeats the purpose. That brings me to the second half of the equation....taste."

-Four Mile Farm

Four Mile Farm

Located on 60 acres in Bald Ground, Georgia, Four Mile Farm offers grass-fed beef and lamb. The cattle and sheep are pastured and free of hormones and antibiotics. The owners, Allision and Michael Bryant, only keep as many animals as their pasture will accommodate so not to over graze the land. The Bryants do not use any herbicides to control weeds in the pastures.

The animals find their way to the barn on cold and rainy days, but otherwise they remain free to roam and graze. To purchase beef or lamb from Four Mile Farm, visit their website for contact information.

Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle

"No feedlots. No carbohydrate-rich corn. No antibiotics. No hormones. We raise our cattle the natural way -- mother’s milk and pasture grass."-Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle

This family owned (the Egloffs) cattle farm prides itself on the outstanding care it gives the cattle. Grass-fed in pristine pastures, the cattle are given a stress free lifestyle while aging naturally without hormones and antibiotics. The cattle are processed at one of only two certified humane processors in Georgia.

Rocking Chair sells their beef at the Mulberry Market in Macon and the Serenby Market in Palmetto.

Back River Farm

Located in Loganville, Georgia, Back River Farm is family owned and grows Certified Naturally Grown seasonal produce. A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Back River Farm offer shares plus sells at the Snellville Farmer's Market and East Lake Farmer's Market.

The Weathers family is devoted beekeepers and are working on restoring colonies.
The Weathers family is devoted beekeepers and are working on restoring colonies. | Source

Buffalo Lick Farm and Nursery

A family owned (the Weathers), part-time farm, Buffalo Lick Farm and Nursery uses sustainable growing methods and offers seasonal vegetables. In addition, the Weathers are devoted to restoring honeybee colonies and offer bee removal in their local North Georgia community.

CSA shares are available and the Weathers also sell at the Snellville Farmer's Market and the Whistle Stop Farmer's Market in Norcross.

"We believe that eating is a daily choice that impacts not only your physical and mental well being but also the well being of your community. As farmers it is our goal to make eating humanely raised, more nutritious food an easy and affordable choice for you and your family."

-The Fowler Family

The Fowler Family
The Fowler Family | Source

Three Centuries Farm

Forage based, Three Centuries is a small sustainable livestock farm in Sparta, Georgia. Brad and Megan Fowler produce heritage breed pork and free range eggs. The Fowlers use pastures and forests on their land to create a naturalized environment to fully benefit the livestock. The Fowlers never use pesticides on the pastures, nor treat the animals with hormones and anitibiotics.

Farm foods can be purchased directly from the farm and they also sell at the Fall Line Farmer's Market.

About the Author

Catherine Dean is a freelance writer, gardener, quilter, and blogger. Her professional background includes nonprofit program development, grant writing, and volunteer management. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Georgia College & State University.

Her blog, Sowing A Simple Harvest, chronicles a modern couple trying to live a simplistic, sustainable life. To explore Catherine's professional credentials, visit her website. She can also be followed on Google+.


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    • mvillecat profile image

      Catherine Dean 5 years ago from Milledgeville, Georgia

      Thanks for the vote and sharing! Ohio is a beautiful state that I have visited once. Yes there are many farms that use far too many chemicals even after all the knowledge we now have about them. Thanks again!

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 5 years ago from Taos, NM

      Wonderful article. I travel through Georgia on my way to and from Florida from Ohio. It is good to know of organic farms that don't use the pesticides and growth hormones many farms do. There are some of these good farms in Ohio and then the not so good ones, too. Thanks for for an interesting and informative article. I enjoyed reading this. Voted up and shared!