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Organic Foods

Updated on August 2, 2015

Export of Organic Products from India:

Gross domestic production of organic food products in India is around 1.24 million metric Tons. The food variety includes Organic Oil Seeds, Organic Cotton/Textiles, Organic Rice, Pulses, Spices, Fruits or Dry Fruits, Vegetables, Green Tea & Coffee etc. There are list of 135 food products which India exports to Canada, United States of America, Europe and Middle East.

Below is the list of food products exported from India are:

Floriculture and Seeds:

Total floriculture production of India is 1.729 million tons loose flowers and 76.73 million tons cut flowers. The cultivation of flowers is in Open Farm conditions as well as in Poly houses and green-houses. Largest flower cultivated states in India is West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh etc. It consist of the number of varieties of flowers comprising Rose, Glads, Tuberose, Carnations Marigold, Anthurium etc.

India also exports best quality viable Vegetable and Fruits seeds. The major grown Indian Seeds are Cabbage & Cauliflower seed, Radish seed, Tomato seed, Beet seed, Fruit seed, Onion seed, Pea etc.

1) Floriculture: It is term used for flower farming and is a horticultural discipline to cultivate flower and ornamental plants. The varieties consist of: Pot Plants, Bulbs seeds, Tuber, different variety of Rose, Tulip, Lilies, Orchids, Cactus etc .

2) Vegetables Seeds: Vegetables are not just necessary but it plays importantly in our day to day nutrition and fibers. The variety of vegetable seeds export from India are Cabbage, Cauliflower seed, Tomato seed, Pea Seed, Gaur seed, radish seed, Sugar beet seed, Lucerne seed, Fescue seed of Forage plant etc.

3) Herbal & Medicinal Plants: Herbal and Medicinal Plants are among the scheduled products exported from India. An estimated international market for Herbal and Medicinal Plants are around $60 Billion and growing 7% annually. The other instances of Herbal & Medicinal Plants are: Coca Leaf, Cut Crushed/Powdered, Poppy Straw Fresh/Dried W/N Cut Crushed/Powdered, Ambrette Seeds, Nux Vomica, Psyllium Seed, Neem Seed, Jojoba Seed, Other Seeds.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Diverse climate condition of India varies the varieties of fresh fruits & vegetables and ranks second in terms of fruits and vegetable production in the world. There are varieties of herbs which take India to top grower of the world i.e. Ginger, Okra. India placed second in growing potatoes, onion, brinjal, cauliflowers & cabbages etc. As per as fruits is concern, India is the largest grower of Banana, Papaya, Mango and Guava.

1) Fresh Onions: India is the second largest onion grower in the world, major varieties are Agrifound (Dark Red, Light-Red, White, Red, Rose) and NHRDF Red. Certain varieties of yellow onion being exported to European Union are Arad H, Superx, HA 60 Granex 429, Tana F1 etc.

2) Other Fresh Vegetables: The varieties of fresh vegetables being exported are Potatoes, Cabbages, Cauliflower, Peas, and Mushrooms.

3) Dried Nuts or Walnuts: The varieties of Walnuts are Hazelnuts/Filberts, In Shell. Hazelnuts/Filberts (Corylus Spp.) Shelled. Walnuts (In Shell). Walnuts (Shelled)

4) Fresh Mangoes: India is a home of 1000+ mangoes varieties. An Indian mango varies wide range of varieties, color-shapes & sizes, Taste-flavor & aroma.

5) Fresh Grapes: There are more than 20 varieties of grapes being produced in India and dozens of them are for commercial purpose. The names of commercial grown products are Bangalore-Blue, Gulabi-Muscat, Beauty & Sharad (Seedless), and Pusa & Thompson (seedless), Sonaka & Manik etc.

6) Other Fresh Fruits: India is the world’s largest producer of fruits also known as fruit basket of world. The major crop of fruits are; Mango, Apple, Grapes, Avocado, Guava, Banana, Water Melons, Papaya, Pear, Apricots etc.

Processed Fruits & Vegetables:

Processed Industry of India is one of the largest growing sectors in production, consumption and export which attracts rapid foreign investment and was estimated to 31563. 44 INR in 2014-2015.

1) Dried & Preserved Vegetables: As a major player in dried and preserved vegetables in India consist of Cucumber, onions & garlic, potatoes, sweet corn, green-lime beans, no. of varieties of Mushrooms ( paddy mushroom, Oyster mushroom, milky-mushroom etc.).

2) Mango Pulp: The major varieties in Mango-Pulp category are Alphonso, Totapuri and Kesar etc..

3) Pickles & Chutney: Pickles and Chutney are major tradition of Indian cousin because these are used as an appetizer. The varieties are; Mango-chutney, Tomato-chutney, Lemon-chutney etc.

4) Other Processed Fruits & Vegetables: There are different varieties of processed fruits and vegetables in India like; Apple-Juice, Mango-Juice, Lemon Juice, Pineapple Juice, Dried Apple, Jam & Jellies, Olives etc.

Animal Products:

Animals are the major source milk, eggs & Meats and plays important role in socio-economic culture of India and World.

1) Sheep/Goat Meat: Sheep in India plays are very important role and contribution to the development of rural people of India.

2) Buffalo Meat: India is the highest livestock of 88 million of World buffalo which is 58% approx.

3) Poultry Products: Poultry is the fastest and growing sector in India. The export and consumption in this sector is rising rapidly.

4) Dairy Products: India is World’s largest dairy in term of milk and milk-products production, consumption and export. Food products are; Milk, Butter, Cheese, Milk powder & Ghee etc.

5) Animal Casings: India is the major player of animal casing in term of quality, calibration and color shining.

6) Organic Processed Meat: India is a major player to export over 1 million ton per Annam of processed meat to Europe, America and other part of World.

7) Natural Honey: India produced number of varieties of Honey and Honey-products i.e. Mustard, Eucalyptus, Lychee, Sunflower, Pongamea, Multi Flora Himalayan, wild Flora, Multi Mono Floral etc.

Other Processed Foods:

Food processing industry of India is one of the highest growing sectors in India. There are varieties of food being processed and exported to different part of world for consumption.

1) HPS Groundnuts: HPS or Hand-Picked Groundnuts have large potentials in Domestic as well as in international market. The major varieties are; HPS Kernels-Bold, HPS Kernels-Java, Groundnut-Shelled and Blanched Peanut (splits).

2) Guar Gum: India is the major exporter of Guar gum. It is an extract of Gaur-Bean and in India it is used as vegetable.

3) Jaggery & Confectionery: Unrefined natural sugar is known as Jaggery and India is the major player with 70% of world production.

4) Cocoa Products: The major varieties are; Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Bean, Cocoa Shell Husks, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Fat and Cocoa Oil etc.

5) Cereal Preparations: India plays the major role in international market in Cereal preparation because of numbers of varieties of crops and cereal products. The examples are; Cornflakes, Biscuits, Crisp bread, Malted Milk etc.

6) Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages are the beverages popularly known as alcohol and it is being used as beer, wine and spirit drinks. India is the major player and exporter of Wine, Grapes Wine, Whiskies, Gin, Coke and Mineral Water.

7) Miscellaneous Preparations: These food products include; Dried soups, Sauce, Ketchup, Betel Nut, custard, Ice-cream etc.

Organic Cereals:

India is the second Highest Cereals producer of the World. The major crops are Wheat, Rice-paddy, Millet and Maize etc. and the major exported crop are Rice with highest total of 64.45 % and Wheat consists of 36% stock approximately.

1) Non-Basmati Rice: There is 10k of varieties of rice grown in the world. India have grown most of it.

2) Basmati Rice: An aromatic long grain rice is known as Basmati Rice and the verities of basmati rice are; Basmati-386, Basmati-217, Ranbir, Karnal Local, Tarori, Pusa-Basmati 1121 etc.

3) Wheat: The largest amount of wheat is grown in northern part of India and the major wheat grown states are, Punjab & Haryana, Uttar Pradesh.

4) Other Coarse Grains: Coarse Grains refers to cereals grain other than wheat and rice. Those are the major part of Indian crops production. The example of coarse Grains are; Ragi or Finger Millet, Pearl Millet, Sorghum etc.


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