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Organic Foods Better For the Planet

Updated on September 14, 2011


For many people they have noticed a recent trend as more and more products are being produced organically. Some of these products include our clothing, produce, and some meats which are better tasting in some peoples opinion and simply garbage in other peoples opinions. Still though you will want to remember that years of research has been conducted by various organizations and have reported according to what I have heard on the radio that organic products are better for us. Here are some of the reasons why organic foods are better for the planet and us.

While you might think how can it possibly be better for me to eat when it looks the exact same as what I normally have. Well if you are in that mindset then you will want to realize that organic farms do not use pesticides. The pesticides can remain on our food that we are eating and can lead to health problems over the long term. Since organics do not use pesticides though you do not have that problem of being exposed to these pesticides. 

Helping to preserve the planet is another positive of organic farming techniques. Many of the organic farmers that are around today have a deep respect for the natural surroundings and will try to prevent any harm or damage from occurring to these surroundings. To help do this the farmers will promote the natural plants and animals into developing as well as performing more frequent crop rotation to allow the soil to return to a balance naturally without the constant use of fertilizer.

Organic farms actually tend to use less energy to operate than your normal farms. Now you might be asking how that is possible, but when you take into account that organic farms use less chemicals which means less energy used to produce or transport them you can see where that would add up. Then when you factor in the environmental impact that the chemical run off has and lack of that from an organic farm you will see that it is healthier for the planet in that form as well.

Organic farms also have a tremendous advantage during years of drought. When you look at some of the fields while driving down the road you can see that the plants will be suffering in times of drought. With the organic farms though because of the crop rotation plans and the respect that they have for the land that provides their livelihood the plants are going to look healthier because the dirt tends to hold the water better providing a source for the plants in time of drought.

For many people being able to save the planet and eat healthier is a positive that they cannot resist. Just remember that organic foods and clothing do not expose you to the chemicals that are applied on most of our foods nor are you going to be exposing your children to these problem causing chemicals either. 


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