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Organic Meats

Updated on July 16, 2011

In the World of Beef, You Are What You Eat

When it comes to food, consumer choices are primarily driven by three things. These include the taste, the health effects, and the price of what they eat. Unfortunately, price is the determining factor for most consumers, but this may simply be because people are unaware of the difference that the other two factors can make in their health and the pleasure that they get out of eating.

For most consumers, this is especially true when it comes to beef products. For example, even if consumers know that natural beef is more expensive, healthy, and flavorful than commercially produced beef products, very few of them understand what "healthier" and "more flavorful" means for them and their families. That is why this article helps illustrate the differences between two products that are both categorized as beef. So, whether you enjoy eating hamburgers, steaks, roasts, stews or other hearty meals that are made with beef, sit back and learn why organic beef is so much healthier for you and your family than the cheaper commercially produced products.

Safety and Health

There are several reasons that organic beef is a healthier choice than commercially raised beef products that you can always find at the grocery stores. And, all of these reasons have to do with the "shortcut" mentality of commercial beef producers. Since America still ranks as the number one beef-consuming nation in the world, there is definitely a lot of incentive for manufacturers to produce large quantities of beef. Unfortunately, they use everything from artificial growth hormones and large amounts of antibiotics to unhealthy feed products to meet such a high level of demand though. And, since consumers eventually eat everything that the cattle have been given, each of these growth tactics can have potentially harmful effects on consumer health.

Artificial Growth Hormones

Artificial growth hormones help manufacturers make more money in the meet industry by helping ranchers produce bigger and fatter livestock in less time than it would normally take a cow to grow. Unfortunately, many of these hormones, like progesterone, testosterone, acetate, and zeranol, are then ingested by humans and can increase consumer risks for health problems like early puberty, falling sperm counts, and even cancer.

Contaminated Feed

Producing enough feed is another challenge that commercial beef producers face when they have so many cattle in their care. Since it takes a lot of time, land, and money to provide enough natural, healthy and vegetarian feed for so many animals, many commercial producers are willing to use contaminated feed products.

Organic Beef Standards

By comparison, organic beef products contain none of the harmful growth hormones or antibiotic concoctions found in commercial cattle and they have been raised on nothing but the finest vegetarian feed available. Farmers who still use such traditional husbandry methods also tend to make sure that cattle receive all the fresh air, space and sunshine that they need to stay happy and healthy as well. As a result, their meet is both healthier and tastier by the time it ends up as a meal on your table and you don't have to feel guilty about the life that the animals had to suffer through before they reached the slaughterhouse.


Restaurant owners, chefs, and food lovers around the world all know that quality ingredients are one of the first things you need to create culinary masterpieces. This is true whether you are dealing with fruits, vegetables, spices, meat products or dairy products and beef products are no exception. For example, when it comes to beef products, there are plenty of chefs who will tell you that organic beef truly does have a heartier, beefier and richer flavor than other beef products. But, since a lot of consumers lack the skills, time or taste buds required for the flavor to make a huge difference in their purchasing decisions, the health effects of eating one product more than the other is more of a selling point.

Buying Organic Beef

Regardless of why you choose to buy organic beef products rather than commercial ones, the bottom line is that there are good reasons for the higher price tag on organic beef products. Unfortunately, the average consumer who wants the healthiest and tastiest food for their family may not know where to look for these quality cuts of meat. After all, most grocery store don't carry more expensive cuts of meat when many of their costumers don't really have the incentive to buy them and restaurants tend to order their ingredients directly from family farms and other quality producers.

Fortunately, the internet makes it easier than ever to buy organic beef products for every occasion you can think of. For example, you can order everything from hot dogs and stew meat for you family to bistro cuts and primo steaks for special occasion when you shop online. And, once you've picked out the meat that you want, it comes right to your door in a refrigerated, protected package.

When you shop for organic beef online, always lean toward family-run farms because they tend to be the most dedicated to old-fashioned husbandry methods. After all, it is possible to be taken in by false advertising even when you are looking for quality products. For example, some growers claim that their meat is hormone-free and natural as long as their cattle haven't been exposed to harmful products within six months of being slaughtered. If you want truly natural meat, look for guarantees like "100% organic" and statements like "we never use artificial growth hormones." If you do decide to discover the difference between organic and commercial beef yourself, nothing will open your eyes faster than a bite of truly healthy and delicious beef.


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