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Reviews of Organic Food: Buy Coconut Water Online

Updated on July 1, 2011

Me, My Wife and Coconut Water

My wife is notorious for jumping on the newest organic food craze. She hears about the benefits (usually from my mother-in-law) of some new organic food, lifestyle choice or home remedy and dives in head first like (insert famous diver’s name here).

Me? I’m a little more reluctant as sadly each new organic craze typically comes with a larger price tag than the previous. But, as any loving husband should, I do my best to remain supportive. Some of the odder organic practices (oil pulling, for example) still cause me to snicker or roll my eyes, while others have become a part of my daily routine.

So, when my wife first came home raving about organic coconut water and it being the greatest thing since organic sliced bread, I, of course, was initially skeptic, but soon became a believer.

Go Nuts for Coconuts

Coconut Water is Nutritious and Delicious
Coconut Water is Nutritious and Delicious | Source

Coconut Water = Pure Potassium

Coconut water is rich in potassium. While the average sports drink contains somewhere around 120 mg of potassium, a 12-oz. can of coconut water features 690 mg, almost twice as much as a typical banana.

Potassium aids in the proper functioning of the heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves and tissues and is great for combating fatigue and muscle weakness after a workout.

Not only is coconut water high in potassium, but it is extremely low in sodium with about 50 mg per serving instead of the typical 200 mg found in Gatorade or other commercial drinks.

While it is essential to prevent sodium deficiency after exercising, this can be done in more organic ways but substituting table salt with sea salt in your post-workout meal.

Less Sugar = Less Calories

Perhaps the most appealing aspect to coconut water when compared to sports drinks is its calorie and sugar content. A 12-oz. can of coconut water contains only 80 calories and 9 g of sugar while a similar serving of Gatorade contains 300 calories and 42 g of sugar.

That is over three times as many calories and four times as much sugar!!!

It has always surprised me that people would immediately take in so many calories after working so hard to burn them off. With coconut water, that isn’t as much of a problem, not to mention the lack of any chemicals, dyes or altered or processed ingredients.


As with most things in the organic food universe, coconut water is not cheap. At our local organic food store, a typical 12-16 oz. can costs somewhere between two to three dollars depending on size.

Branded as “nature’s sports drink”, on average, coconut water is at least a dollar more expensive than most “non-natural” sports drinks, i.e. Gatorade, PowerAde and any other “ade” you can think of.

Unless you are able to plant a coconut tree in your backyard, the cost of organic coconut water can certainly be deemed a negative. But, I have come to find that the health benefits more than make up for it.

Try a Coconut Water, Buddy!

Coconut Water is Nature's Hangover Cure!
Coconut Water is Nature's Hangover Cure! | Source

Hangover Cure? Sure!

I have to be honest; I am not much of a workout nut. I spend far more time lifting the TV remote control or a bottle of beer than bar bells, so the exercise benefits of coconut water have little effect on my life, but what I have noticed is how great coconut water is for hydration the morning after having a couple of alcoholic beverages.

Not too long ago I attended a friend’s bachelor party that lasted well into the night and included quite a few beers and cocktails. Once I returned home, I drank a 12-oz. can of coconut water before going to bed. I woke up the next morning feeling far better than I typically would have. Just to be safe, I drank another can with my breakfast.

After that, I was able to enjoy the rest of that Sunday with my wife and daughter without suffering any of the common effects of a hangover and night of drinking, especially after a bachelor party.

Feeling Good is Priceless

I would say it was well worth the $4 cost to feel good the entire day and nice to put something healthy and organic in my body after a night of consuming nothing but chemicals and calories. Therefore, in my mind, organic coconut water is a priceless hangover cure.

Don't Like Bananas? No Problem!

Coconut Water has more Potassium than a Banana
Coconut Water has more Potassium than a Banana | Source

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A Healthy Start

Because, as mentioned before, I am somewhat lazy, I enjoy that with one can of coconut water I can consume so many essential minerals and nutrients without having to peel, cut and rinse or chop any vegetables or fruits.

I can grab a can of organic coconut water on my way out the door in the morning confident that my day will get off to a healthy start without coffee, caffeine or other beverages likely to dehydrate me.

Bananas? Blah ...

Plus, I really don’t enjoy the taste or consistency of bananas, so it is nice to have a convenient, alternate source of potassium.

Coconut Water? Four Thumbs Up!

Overall, my wife and I both would highly recommend organic coconut water as an alternative to Gatorade and other sports drinks as well as a hangover elixir and generally tasty and healthy product.

We currently drink about six to 10 cans a week, either Nature Factor or Amy & Brian, and have definitely felt better in the process. The cost is certainly a negative, but somewhat unavoidable when you commit to an organic food diet for you and your family.

Cans or juice boxes of coconut water vary in size from 8 – 20 ounces and can be purchased in bulk for a little cheaper. Obviously, you will want to make sure you still consume the proper amount of organic sodium and use coconut water as a complement to your daily water intake instead of a substitute, as there is no replacement to the benefit of drinking water.

Pros of Organic Coconut Water:

  • Organic source of vitamins and nutrients
  • High in potassium
  • Low in sodium
  • Low in sugar
  • Low in calories
  • Hangover cure
  • Convenient

Cons of Organic Coconut Water:

  • High cost
  • Unavailable at most major grocery chains

Try Coconut Water Today!

Check out the Amazon links above and give it a shot. If you are a big sports drink fan, it could be the best $2 you ever spend.


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