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Original Flavor? The New Mountain Dew Debate.

Updated on October 14, 2010


 I discovered three new flavors of Mountain Dew. These were flavors of Dew suggested by fans at the website and subsequently foisted upon the public so that we may taste each flavor and then "vote" our favorite one.

This happened last year and the winning flavor was Voltage. A Mountain Dew that tastes a lot like liquefied cotton candy, or a melted Popsicle. And actually the other two weren't bad either. One was melon flavored.   I'm a diehard Mountain Dew drinker. Ever since I learned that Mountain Dew can sterilize men I've been guzzling the stuff like it was water.   I fell in love with the cherry flavored Code Red, orange flavored Livewire, and the two versions of some blackberry flavored dew that I can't remember the name of at the moment. And when the three new flavors came out last year I was overjoyed once again to slowly destroy my organs and ability to create the next generation of Crawford.

This time around I was exited to see that the contest was going on again when I found the three new flavors I was actually looking forward to trying them out. But...wait a minute.

The first flavor is called "White Out" which promises a rush of "smooth citrus" flavor. I'm more than positive that the name "White Out" was more or less inspired by the chemical that was no doubt being sniffed when the contestant entered his "new" flavor, because a quick look at the ingredients of regular Mountain Dew will reveal that Citrus is all ready in it. What's new about this?

The second flavor, again more likely inspired by the after effects of some kind of chemical indulgence is called "Distortion", which is lime flavored.

Call me dense, but the last time I was at Taco Bell they served a brand of Mountain Dew called Baja Blast, which is sold exclusively at the aforementioned eating establishment and Panda Express restaurants according to the Wikipedia article. This is another lime flavored variation of the Dew I love so much.

Again, what's the originality here?

So I went with choice number three, which is called Typhoon. Apparently this is "tropical" flavors, which doesn't really tell me anything. It's quite good so I'm going to rule out the possibility that this typhoon passed through the Gulf of Mexico  and my vote is going to this purely because it is an actual "original" flavor.

As in a flavor of Mountain Dew that I can't get at the moment.


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