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Osteria de Medici Cooking Classes, Calgary Alberta Canada

Updated on July 4, 2010

Cooking Classes with Antonietta Terrigno

Osteria de Medici opened in 1989 by owners and Executive Chefs Rocoo and Antonietta Terrigno. Since then, it has become world renowned for its dedication in service and exceptional cuisine. Recognized as one of Canada’s premier dining establishments, Osteria de Medici has become a favorite with celebrities such as: Cuba Gooding Junior,; Tom Selleck; Sir Anthony Hopkins; the late Christopher Reeves; Loretta Swit; André Gagnon; Isabella Rossellini; Steven Segal; John Voight and many others. Political leaders and other prominent Canadians and International people have walked through the doors and dined here. The NHL Calgary Flames also frequent Osteria de Medici on a regular basis during the year.

Cooking classes at Osteria de Medici are available any time during the week or weekends. Cooking classes are offered on Sunday from 11 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and during the week for corporations. The minimum number of people allowed in the cooking class are 10. The 3-course meal that is made by the group comes with a glass of wine and one recipe book per person. The price is $150.00 for each individual. The majority rules on the type of meal that the group decides to cook. People can purchase sauces as well as stainless steel pots and pans to cook with from Osteria de Medici. Every meal that is made in these classes is taken from the cookbook given to the participants.

The pictures presented to the right are from a recipe taken from one of Antonietta’s popular cookbooks. There are different ways to cook fish: searing; frying; barbecuing; baking; and boiling. The most important tips when cooking fish are:

1) Don’t leave fresh fish in the fridge more than 2 days without cooking it because this can cause food poisoning

2) Defrost frozen fish overnight before cooking it. Place frozen fish in a porcelain dish not a plastic one otherwise the plastic will collect bacteria and it is hard to get out.

3) Fish is cooked properly when the color is even throughout after cutting it with a knife.

If you are interested in gathering your friends together for a day of fun and learning how to cook classic Italian meals, then contact Executive Chef and owner Antonietta Terrigno of Osteria de Medici, Calgary, Alberta at 403-283-5553. International visitors to the Calgary area are also welcome to book a time and take a class. Make your stay fun and take with you fond memories of visiting Calgary.


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