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Get A Cotton Candy Machine For Birthdays And Parties That Guests Won't Forget

Updated on April 27, 2011

Stopping by the cotton candy machine at carnivals is an important part of the carnival experience. Cotton candy can be purchased in stores but it is best when it is fresh and hasn't been sitting in a bag for days, weeks, or months on a store shelf.

For kids birthdays, summer parties, bar-b-que's and any gathering of friends and family at your home, how awesome is it that you can actually set up a cotton candy machine and provide a welcomed sugary, fluffy, cotton candy treat.

You can make it a little ahead of time, or make it on your own cotton candy machine while everyone is standing by watching excited to get some fresh, fluffy colored cotton candy.

cotton candy machine
cotton candy machine

What You Need For Your Home Cotton Candy Machine

Once you've chosen the cotton candy machine that is right for you, you need a few extras to start making cotton candy..

You'll Need:

  • Sugar Scoop
  • Cotton Candy Cones or Wands
  • Flavored Sugar Floss

The sugar floss is the cotton candy in its unspun form. There are many different flavors available and you can mix these to get some cool color and flavor mixtures spun in your cotton candy machine. A single box of flavored sugar floss will make approximately 60 to 70 cotton candy cones

Starting Cotton Candy Business?

If your thinking of starting a cotton candy business to provide cotton candy for small fairs, company parties, large kids birthday parties, or other gatherings, you will want to consider purchasing a professional model that is meant for more sturdy, regular use.

Cotton Candy Machines are also great for fundraisers. Keep one in the office and bring it out anytime your charity or non-profit group get together to help raise money.

Some Cotton Candy Flavors Available

  • Raspberry
  • Grape
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Bubblegum
  • Vanilla Sugar
  • More...

How To Make Cotton Candy

A cotton candy machine is easy to use, your biggest concern is adding the right amount of sugar floss.


  • Pour sugar floss into machine
  • Turn on cotton candy machine
  • When a good amount of cotton candy is forming, using a cotton candy tube begin twisting it around the bowl gathering it evenly onto the tube


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