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Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter Review

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“This is one of the best cherry pitters out there. Other products don’t have the splash shield like the Oxo and they end up creating a mess.”

“Since these cherry pitters were so good and so cheap, I bought a couple of these for my friends and family as gifts. They all love it.”

“It leaves very little mess and it’s easy to clean, use, and store.”

"I bought this on Amazon and I couldn't be happier. The prices were just right."

"This cherry pitter works great. It allows me to pit many cherries in a short amount of time. And it's very easy to use."

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Are you looking for an easy way to remove cherry pits so that your kids can eat them without you worrying that they’ll choke on the pits? There are many different brands of cherry pitters out there you could use to remove the pits, but none are as good as the Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter.

This efficient and easy to use device lets you pit cherries fast and without any mess. It has a removable splash guard that directs the juices downwards so that it doesn’t splash all over the place. You can easily take off the guard and store in the front chamber of the device when you’re not using it. The handles are also very comfortable to use. Other cherry pitters can cause your thumbs strain after repeated use of the pitter but with the Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter the handle is padded for comfort. This cherry pitter can also be used on the larger varieties of cherries such as Bing and Rainier cherries.


  • An efficient, mess-free design makes Oxo Good Grips' cherry pitter unlike the others
  • Removable splatter shield directs juices downward and prevents them from soiling a work area
  • When not in use, the splatter shield fits inside the front chamber, and a lock holds the Cherry Pitter closed for convenient storage
  • Sturdy, die-cast zinc construction removes pits with ease; soft, comfortable non-slip handles absorb pressure while tool is squeezed
  • Extra large to accommodate Bing and Rainier cherries; has a recessed cup to securely hold smaller varieties when pitting


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