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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Templo do Oriente (Great Kebabs & Hookah Bar)

Updated on July 18, 2017

Delectable Chicken Kebab

Handmaid's Tale meets Hunger Games in this suspenseful Orwellian thriller.

Dainty Morrocan Salad


Exotic Decor

We Really Like Kebab.

In Italy (and Europe in general) it is easy to find kebab. In Florence, for example, there were several places only steps away from our home that sold delicious kebab, falafel, hummus, etc. I believed that we would have to say goodbye to these foods once we moved to Brazil, but I was pleasantly wrong.

While running errands in my mother-in-law's neighborhood, we passed an eatery with an outdoor sign: Kebab. My husband and I stopped in our tracks and went inside to investigate. After all, it is my responsibility as a foodie to sniff out these obscure places and share them with others!

Before ordering, I asked the young woman behind the counter exactly how they make their kebab- in Brazil, you never know what kind of changes they make (like addind fried egg or peas to a cheeseburger). She replied, 'Salad, shredded cabbage, tahini, meat of choice...' I ordered a chicken kebab and my husband ordered the Salad Morracaine. Rather than sit at a table, I decided to sit at the bar so I could watch her make our lunch.

It took several minutes because everything there is made to order (which is nice) and I was glad to see that the ingredients were very fresh. My R$7,00 kebab was quite big and delicious- quite reasonably priced, too. My husband's salad, however, was very tasty, but rather small- and for R$10,00 I think they could have been a bit more generous. The place itself decorated with exotic Morrocan lamps and satin floor pillows. Narguile (nar-ghee-leh: Hookah) are also available for those who enjoy to smoke.

The owner told us that he was the first restaurant in Porto Alegre to offer Kebab (he also mentioned that to attract locals, he must use the term Arabina Barbecue, otherwise, many won't understand). Templo do Oriente also does theme nights like Belly Dancing and Arab Dinners. Lessons in belly dancing (dança do ventre) are offered as well, so if you want to try a fun and unique way to get into shape, this may be it (ladies, your husband/boyfriend will also appreciate your new, sexy dance moves).

If you have not had the pleasure of eating a Kebab, now is your chance to try one- and a really tasty, well made one at that! This past June my husband and I went to Morroco and we ate Shwarma (Kebab) that was not as good as what we had here in POA! Thank you for reading!

Templo do Oriente
Rua Cel. Bordini, 92
Porto Alegre - RS
Tel. (51)3325-6138/3062-0606

C. De Melo


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