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PR'S BBQ Another Excellent Independent Hot Spot

Updated on October 26, 2010


Many of you probably already know of this place. The name was previously Pappy Reds BBQ, but after getting beat up through eminent domain, and moved across Ga. 400, for some legal reasons, they changed the name to PR’s BBQ. Same stuff, same excellent taste. Over 19 years of serving really good BBQ.

There menu has everything from pork, sliced beef, pulled chicken, to a rib sandwich. There are also a boat load of good homemade veggies to choose from including turnip greens, broccoli casserole, to crispy fried okra. The stew is a little more mushy style than I typically prefer, but I went back for seconds on the stew, so it must have been really good.

Deserts are peach cobbler, blackberry cobbler, apple cobbler, and the one I had was a homemade fried peach pie. The fried peach pie was so good I bought a extra, and took one to a friend to try.

The sweet tea is always fresh brewed, and had a very clean taste. Topped with a southern boy’s required lemon, it washed that food down real good.

I kept trying to distinguish exactly where the excellent taste was in the BBQ, and I realized that it was both the fact that all the meat was very juicy, and the sauce was perfect, so it was one complimenting the other for a perfect taste combination.

I understand that the sauce is a 91 year old family recipe handed down from the owners late grandfather Red, who also handed down through the generations the old southern way of cooking pork over hickory wood at low temperatures.

To get there:
Ga 400N exit 14 (Hwy 20) at the end of the exit, go west (You have to loop under the bridge), then just after crossing the bridge, PR’s BBQ will be on your right. There is a Mr’s Winners right next door to it, and they have a big plane crashed into the roof.

Hours of operation:
Mon. thru Thurs. 11 – 8
Fri. – Sat. 11 – 9
Sun. 11 - 8

302 Tri County Plaza
Cumming, GA30040
(770) 886-5122

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