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Panasonic 3 Cup Rice Cooker Review

Updated on June 12, 2011

Rice Cookers

Rice has been a staple in the diet of our species for as long as we can remember. Thousands upon thousands of people eat it everyday, and rightly so; it`s an easy, affordable, and filling food. It`s even one of the essentials of survival in some places. Without it the issue of world hunger would be ever greater; it`s a scary thought.

The food may not have evolved much in the last hundreds or so years, but techniques in which we cook it have. Now we have rice cookers, as well as microwave rice cookers, and steam rice cookers. The list of techniques have become endless, which brings up another, more materialistic problem - what kind of rice cooker do I use?


The Panasonic 3 Cup rice cooker makes a case that you should choose it. But should you? Here is the review.


Rice has been a staple for generations.
Rice has been a staple for generations.
With the Panasonic 3 Cup Rice cooker, this bowl of rice can be easily made.
With the Panasonic 3 Cup Rice cooker, this bowl of rice can be easily made.
Rice first has to be planted.
Rice first has to be planted.

Panasonic 3 Cup Rice Cooker

The Panasonic 3 cup rice cooker looks like most rice cookers. It has a bowl shape, is pale white color, and has a small panel in the front as its interface. It is simple in nature and this is a good thing for a rice cooker; there is no need for the fancy touch screen, automatic, new ones. Better to keep it simple, something the Panasonic 3 cup rice cooker does well.

It has a cool touch body which allows you easily carry the cooker after the rice is cooked; this compared to previous rice cooker, where the body would be far too hot to carry, and you'd have to transfer the rice into another container. That problem is solved here and is a nice feature to have. In addition to that it has function that will allow you to keep rice warm after cooking; just push a button and the rice will remain warm until the rest of the meal is ready. A convenience I'm sure many of us wish we used to have.

The pan itself is non-stick making it extremely easy for clean up afterwards; in addition to that it comes with a glass lid that is also very easy to clean. An automatic shut off feature is also included in the Panasonic 3 cup rice cooker, making it one of the easiest and nicest kitchen appliances to use. Just throw the rice in, let it cook, keep it warm, and then serve; you could even leave it for the night and clean it up the next morning without any sticking or problem.

Anybody out there hate cords and wires; anybody wish everything had wireless capabilities. The Panasonic 3 rice cooker isn't quite there yet, but it's close. The appliance includes an automatic rewinding cord, allowing you to easily store the cooker without the hassle of trying to wrap a cord around. And it only uses 310 watts of power. Sold yet?

The only downside of this rice cooker is its capacity. By being only a 3 cup rice cooker you are limited to the amount of rice you can make and therefore, for those bigger family dinners, you might need to upgrade or buy a couple more of these. Luckily Panasonic has thought of this and the 3 Cup rice cooker comes in a 10 cup size as well.


The Verdict

Buy it.  The Panasonic 3 Cup rice cooker does everything you can ask for and more.  And it keeps it simple.  You'll never have to worry about the hassle of cooking rice again. 

Panasonic 3 Cup Rice Cooker Review


  • 310 Watts of power.
  • Automatic cooking feature.
  • Glass lid.
  • Automatic shut-off.
  • Non-stick coated inner pan.
  • Cool touch body after rice is cooked.
  • Rewinding cord for storage.


  • Only fits up to 3 cups of rice .
  • Doesn't cook extremely quickly.
  • Doesn't include an operating manual.


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