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Some Quick And So Easy Pasta Ideas

Updated on June 10, 2017

Love Pasta


Delicious Pasta Ideas...So Easy Too!

1 . Cook your usual favorite pasta and drain - for four servings

2. Make your cheese sauce from your own recipe.

3. Chop an onion and a green pepper and fry together with 1 packet of diced bacon until lightly brown.

4. Place the cooked pasta in an open flat baking dish that has been lightly greased

5. Layer the onion, green pepper and bacon on the pasta and spread evenly on top.

6. Pour the ready made cheese sauce over it.

7. Chop tomatoes and sprinkle them on top of dish.

8. Grate mature cheese over the top.

9. Place in oven and bake for one and a quarter hours - moderate heat.


The Joy Of Cooking Pasta

Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes. One is always spoilt for choice!
Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes. One is always spoilt for choice!

Three Different Ways Using Pasta

Just Add Your Favourite Topping

  • The great thing about pasta is that you can tailor make your own cheese or or other delicious topping. Their are a host of cheeses that come in different flavours so you can be as creative as you wish. Parmesan always is a good choice and is used a lot in Italian cuisine.
  • Crumble some cheddar cheese biscuits on top of your pasta dish before baking it in the oven. Great crunchy dimension to add to a normal everyday pasta recipe!

Versatile Pasta

Colourful Bowls To Serve Your Pasra
Colourful Bowls To Serve Your Pasra | Source

Healthy Accompanyments

Pasta and salads go hand in hand.
Pasta and salads go hand in hand. | Source

Avocado And Bacon Pasta Surprise


1. Two ripe but firm avocado pears
2. Three medium sized onions
3. Small packet of spring onions
4. 500 gram packet pasta shells
5. 1 small packet tomato paste
6. 1 Small packet of smoked bacon
7. 1 teaspoon mixed hebs
8. Half a teaspoon chicken spice and desertspoon brown sugar.
9. 1 teaspoon garlic flakes
10. 2 cups mature cheddar cheese - grated.


1. Cook your pasta till soft in boiling water
2. Place in a flat oven proof dish
3. Take half a cup of grated cheese and sprinkle in between the pasta
4. Chop onions roughly and not too fine.
5. Chop your bacon in fairly small pieces
6. Fry bacon and then add and fry the onions in a little olive oil
7. Add your garlic flakes and tomato paste, sugar and continue to cook
8. Add remaining chicken spice and mixed herbs. Cook for two minutes.
9. Last of all Fold in chunky avocado pieces that are medium in size and half of spring onions, that have been chopped.
10. Take this mixture and pile it on top of pasta in dish.
11. Sprinkle your cheese over the top and then your chopped spring onions.

Bake in a preheated oven 180 degrees C for + - 45 minutes till golden brown on top.

Sugestion - Serve with a garden salad.


Avocado And Bacon Pasta

Enjoy a scrumptious meal!
Enjoy a scrumptious meal! | Source

Special Spaghetti Bolognaise

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise is always a winner and popular throughout the world.
  • Serve with a garden salad with olives as a side dish.
  • Garlic bread always is a great accompaniment too.
  • Parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top is a must!

Spaghetti Bolognaise italian

Homemade Bread Rolls

Great to serve with pasta.
Great to serve with pasta. | Source

Fresh Homemade Rolls Are Always Popular For Eating With Pasta And Salads

A Pasta Or Noodle Salad Is So Tasty!

  • I watched a noodle salad being made on T. V. once and after watching it became a fan of simple noodle salads.
  • The one that I remember was made with thin noodles, soy sauce, honey, cashew nuts and chives. These salads became a hit with the business people who wanted a light but nutritious snack.
  • The addition of small shrimps or chicken made this a tasty treat.
  • Sesame seeds were also sprinkled over some of these salads.

Yummy Cheesy Treat

Great with spaghetti and salad!
Great with spaghetti and salad! | Source

Garlic Cheesy Bread

  • Luscious garlic and cheese bread baked in tin foil in the oven for thirty minutes in a moderate oven.
  • Herb bread made in exactly the same way is an alternative to garlic.

Wonderful Garlic.

Health Giving Garic
Health Giving Garic | Source

Soft On The Inside, Crunch On The Outside.

What a treat to behold!
What a treat to behold! | Source

Wonderful Garlic!

Most people love to eat this delicious pungent included! By the way I was reading in my nutrition almanac that garlic has many health benefits and that it is a wonder food. That is always encouraging to hear...especially if you love to eat it. Lowering cholestrol and reducing blood pressure are one of it's many beneficial qualities. Here are some ways that I love to prepare it it in our menu.

  • Of course I love making a wonderful long loaf of garlic bread in the oven with a lovely crust. I first wrap it in silver foil after cutting and spreading each slice of french loaf with garlic butter. In the last five minutes I open up the foil to enable the crispiness of the crust to form.

  • Also enjoy the combination of garlic and oregano with tomato paste and chopped tomatoes , as one of the ingredients, for my pasta dishes. Goes well with spaghetti and tagliatelle too!

  • We buy Ina Paarman's garlic and feta creamy salad dressing and that gets ladled over everything, from avos to main dishes.


Supper Or Lunch Dishes

  • Pasta is not too heavy for an evening supper dish. Great to share at a family gathering.

Creamy Pasta Bake

Good standby supper dish.
Good standby supper dish. | Source

Easy Macaroni And Veg

  • Everyday dish using macaroni, herbs and cheese sauce with grated cheddar on top.

Macaroni Dish With Cheese Sauce

Pasta Is always a good standby
Pasta Is always a good standby | Source


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