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Peeling garlic in 6-way

Updated on June 11, 2012
garlic, different forms
garlic, different forms

Garlic peeling seems to be mundane business, but I have seen people wasting time on it so I hope you will find it helpful.

There are several ways of peeling garlic including:

  • Cut lengthwise
  • Press with a knife
  • Smash with a heavy knife
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Shake
  • Blend

Depending on your purpose and situation you can choose the most suitable method.

Cut lengthwise

Use a small knife and cut lengthwise the garlic clove into halves, then peel the it, one by one.

Press with a knife

Place one or few cloves on your chopping board. Place a knife over it and press with the balm of your hand

This is quite a popular method. I use it very often, especially when I need just few cloves, plus having the chopping board handy.

Mortar and pestle

Place one or two bulbs of garlic on the mortar then use the pestle to pound.

I love this method because It saves me time breaking garlic into cloves, and I use this a lot because most of the time I would need crushed garlic whether marinating or pre-stir-frying.

Smash with a heavy knife

Place few cloves up to few bulb of garlic on your chopping board. Use a heavy and wide knife and smash with the side of it, smash repeatedly.

Downing point: garlic skin might fly all over places.


Break the garlic up into cloves, place to a close container and shake well. Extremely useful when you need to protect garlic structure e.g when you want to make garlic pickle

Tips: replacing steal bowls by a plastic container, the noise will be more pleasant.

Use a blender

if you are going to need huge quantity of chopped garlic then you might find this one useful. I worked in a kitchen that needed 0.5-1kg of chopped garlic. This is time saver.
Break the bulb up into clove and let the blender do the job. Halfway through you could remove the skin and continuous blend OR wait till finish and separate galic from its skin with water.

Consider to experiment a dough mixer


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