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People Eat Fast Food because it Tastes so Good, right?

Updated on March 5, 2010

Is it true that people eat fast food because it is so tasty? Maybe so. I have to say when I was stationed in OKinawa I would eat at a Burger King almost every day except on the weekends then I would switch to fancy eating like a sandwich place.. I was tired of the same chow hall food so one day I decided I would eat fast food at Burger King. At first it would be only a couple of days but after a while it was a daily routine. I was lucky that I was in my early twenties so my metabolism was good enough that I did not gain weight as much. Now it is a different story of course in my thirties and my metabolism having slowed down a bit it feels like one burger will actually make me gain weight.

So what is the reason people eat fast food so much? I would suggest one reason is convenience. It seems like life is going 100 miles per hour these days. It is all about having a fast paced life and trying to cram as much as possible into our daily lives so we do not waste anytime on home cooked meals. There are families that have their kids into every activity they can think of to keep them occupied, whether it is sports, studies, you name it, some kids have very busy lives so between driving them to all these events and making sure they're off drugs well there just isn't any time left to cook anymore, right?

In my case for example my wife and I both work and she does the cooking but after a day's work getting home after hours and knowing that cooking a meal means having to get all the stuff ready and using dishes that have to be washed later. So may things to do, well it is just too much work so we usually eat fast food because it is just convenient instead of cooking a meal. I will say we don't realize how much we're spending and how our health is being affected until our pockets seem like they have holes in them and I can't run as fast.

People eat fast food even though there are so many warnings everywhere that fast food can be bad for your health. Yet is is so good. Fast Food restaurants will not go away anytime soon, they have changed their ways somewhat over the years though by offering better healthy choices, but that double quarter pounder and the large fries will always be a favorite, hey maybe once a month will not hurt, I will make sure I run a few miles after eating it, well I will try anyways.


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    • gbranson profile image

      gbranson 7 years ago from Plano, TX

      I eat fast food for the convenience, and I do love some of it, mainly Taco Bell. I will agree that I've start to feel like crap after eating now, when I was younger it was nothing

    • OneCuteCookie profile image

      OneCuteCookie 8 years ago from Neither Here, Nor There, But From Somewhere

      Fast food is good when you are on the run but they say what unsually taste good probably is not. Thank you for the great hub.