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Perfect Prime Rib Roast - A Culinary Adventure Story

Updated on December 21, 2014

Cooking Prime Rib is easier than you think

My boy friend asked me what I wanted to do for a special holiday dinner which was just around the corner and I though Hmmmmm. Sick of turkey, all the fish and crab are frozen, had enough pork lately to start oinking and chicken doesn't sound very festive. How about a standing Prime Rib Roast then he says? Horrors, I thought!!! I have never done one of those before. Would hate to ruin a perfectly good $30.00 piece of meat. So I just smiled a weak somewhat convincing smile and simply said "Ok". Then the race was on, quick, an exhaustive internet search comparing recipes from all the well known TV chefs for the "perfect - guaranteed Prime Rib Roast" became a battle in my head of "No, Pick Me!!" as recipes swirled around on the screen. "Stop, I said to myself, this can't be this difficult." I am up to the challenge. It's time to get the semantics of this under my belt!

So off to the store I went to talk to my friendly butcher behind the meat counter. He recognizes me immediately, standing over the various packages of prime roasts with what I am sure was " the deer in the headlights look" , winks at me and says, "special dinner tonight?"

"Yesssss!!" Escapes me almost like the hiss from a steam engine and he was my knight in shining armor. "How many people?" "Two", I say. He hands me a beautiful three rib 4 lb roast and then says, "let me go get the dry rub for you" Ten seconds later he returns and gives me a baggy with the dry rub. " You have a recipe picked out?" Yes, I think so I reply. "Good, he responds, it really is as easy as they say. But don't go out and buy a fancy roasting pan with a rack, the back bones will serve as a nature rack. But most important make sure to let it rest for 20 minutes after coming out of the oven."

Eagerly anticipating the use of my brand new wireless meat thermometer, I prep the roast per the instructions of the recipe, and rub all the spices over the meat. Then peel garlic cloves and shove them into the natural holes at the ends where the meat meets the bones and into the oven it goes. An hour later the armora is driving us INSANE and I go to insert the probe of the thermostat only to find it is not getting a signal. I rifle through the little instruction book, no help. So I find my trusty 30 year old instant dial face thermometer and plunge it into the roast, my timing is perfect, a steady 130 degrees. Out of the oven it comes to rest. I finish with side dishes, fresh asparagus, and scalloped potatoes. Then the timer goes off. This is the moment of truth when one can almost hear a drum roll, my knife poised............... I slice off the first piece. Need I say the heavens opened up and the angels began to sing!!! Oh My God, it was perfect! The flavor was beyond my wildest dreams. I think I can honestly say it was better than any prime rib I have had at any restaurant.

I am not going to include a recipe, there are so many out there. So pick one that sounds good to YOU and go for it!

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