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Perfect way of Vegetarian Cooking

Updated on August 24, 2016

Indian cooking

India is a diverse country imbibed with diverse cultures and religions. All the cultures are unique in themselves exhibiting different tastes in food, cultural habits and clothing. Although the vast cultural differences are visible in the different types of cuisines related with respect to different regions, the food is what makes India very special and different. The ingredients used.he country may be similar across the country, however, the way the ingredients are used in quality and quantity make the preparation tastes differently. Every culture has their own understanding of the ingredients and use them in their own way pertaining to their avaliability. Henceforth the cooking process has been diversified as traditional and simple cooking.

The traditional cooking process rather involves difficult methods and techniques to get the traditional taste whereas the simple form involves simple ,methods using a mixture of Indian, western and Chinese ingredients suiting to the taste, let be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The using of various mixture of ingredients has transformed the very essence of Indian cooking. It has become more subtle and easy, motivating the not so interested people to cook.

The vegetarian cooking has come a long way in this process. The traditional recipes like Malpua, gulab jamoon, malai kofta, briyani, etc, have been presented in a much interesting way by the Chefs to fulfill the ever changing taste buds of the next generation. Therefore, leading to infinite number of cuisines, like potato sandwich, brocolli paratha, Maharastrian Karanji that turned into healthy dry fruit goan, rasams turned into soups and so on.

I would like to cover the interesting facts and recipes of today for the people passionately involved in maintaining a healthy life style, especially for those following the vegan form of diet.

Please do follow my blogs to know some of the most interesting vegan traditional healthy recipes that I have observed. I also hope to give you some of the recipes that can be made easily and quickly within no time without disturbing the healthy quotient of cooking.

© 2016 padma sharma


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