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Personalised Photo Cakes - The Perfect Cake Solution

Updated on March 3, 2011

Photo Cakes - Unique in Every Way

The great thing about photo cakes is that every single cake can be different, because each photo you take is different.

A great cake is the centerpiece of any occasion, and a really great cake is one that is different from any other. People think that the only way to achieve this is by having a bespoke cake made ~ and are often put off by the fear of how expensive this option would be.

However it is perfectly possible to have a completely unique cake for not much more than the cost of the ingredients ~ and that is by making the cake yourself and using a personalised edible cake photo to decorate it. This way, so long as the photo you use is unique, then so is the cake.

What Are Edible Photos Made From?

Edible photos are made by printing onto icing with edible inks.

The inks used contain the same type of ingredients as food colourings, and are installed into printers that are capable of taking edible ink.

The 'paper' that the ink is printed onto is either frosting sheets or rice paper. Without doubt frosting sheets are the better option for this as they have a slightly absorbent quality (being icing) so the ink soaks in and doesn't run as it can on rice paper.

Where to Buy Edible Photos for Photo Cakes

Many of the large stores and supermarkets where you are currently able to order cakes will have a photo cake option. You just need to give them the photo and they will print it and put it one the cake.

However if you want something more personal you can create your own design, incorporating both the photo and a message, and have it printed by one of the many edible image suppliers you can find on the Internet (remember you are looking for someone who prints onto frosting sheets rather than rice paper).

Of course you're not limited to just one photo, an alternative would be to have a series of smaller photos on a cake most edible photo suppliers would be happy to print this out for you ~ though you will need to make sure you provide the photos at the size you want.

This highlights another advantage of frosting sheets over rice paper, in that you can cut a frosting sheet with kitchen scissors whilst it is attached to its backing plastic ~ meaning there is little danger of the edible pictures cracking or breaking whilst being handled.

How To Remove Your Edible Photo From The Backing Sheet

 The photo should easily peel away from the backing sheet as shown in the attached video.

If you do encounter resistance i.e. the edges of the picture stick to the backing sheet you can try a couple of things:

- You can loosen the edge of the photo by running the blade of a shape flexible knife i.e. a filleting knife, under the edge of the frosting sheet.

- Place the sheet in the freezer for one minute and it should release its grip.

Can I Make Edible Photos At Home

Yes, but only if you're willing to invest in a separate printer that will only be used with edible inks. Once a printer has had 'normal' ink in it, it cannot be used for edible inks due to health and hygiene reasons.

Also, unless you are going to start printing these things by the dozen it really is much easier to order a photo cake from a cake shop or supplier, or order an edible photo and make the cake yourself.

However if you really do want to make edible pictures at home i.e. you want you kids to make a picture to go on a cake, you can buy edible ink colouring pens online, along with blank frosting sheets - it's like the ultimate recyclable art as you can eat it afterwards.


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